Tell that story…

…I could tell a story of a lost girl but I won’t have a perfect ending for it because it’s got none. Her tale resides in her curious mind and her inquisitive thoughts take control of her daily motions. she was once in love, perhaps in lust, still craving to know what it all really was and is. Her life is no cliché, no routine, Just an adventure with the aim of redeeming her inner peace. She has stumbled upon blocks, rivals and mates and even the oceans have kissed her feet thrice, but her meaningless quest still stands. She loves her little cosy space but sometimes craves an audience. Boys and all that come with them give her insight of her own kind. How strange? How Crazy? How sweet? How lonely? She might live to tell it someday but until then, she’s only a girl on an unforeseen quest.

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright 2015.


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  1. aak92 says:

    I felt something while reading this. Not sure what. But may she finds what she is looking for.

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  2. ipeniwrite says:


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  3. aak92 says:

    Don’t say maybe. Believe it and reach for it.

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