When you can hear your heart beat, it is either it’s been diluted by good or poisoned by evil to aid you. Just like a baby crying, you don’t react to that loud beat immediately, you pamper it with your thinking. That’s its opium. Anything you feed it afterwards either makes or mars you.


Today, I packed up to travel to Coventry, a city in south east side. Never been there but I guess it will be worth it. I promised myself to see art, to steal it with my eyes and probably fall in love with it. No doubt I’ll conquer.


I want to hear a song, I want to hear fortune and mistakes in a song. That song that makes me want to bask in the sun all day rolling on the warm grasses in the field. I want to hear it on the radio, in a taxi, in the bus, across the street, behind my backyard and hear my heart replay her best line. play me a song that takes me overboard.

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright 2015.


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