Befriending your fears

Before you start off reading this, I want you to know that every human being has got fears. Even the toughest hearts you’ve met. You are reading this to know it all but am not promising you that. You are made of flesh and blood and that feature makes you a target of your existence and the world that pushes your hope. Everyone’s phobia isn’t the same and that is why you tend to think that others have conquered fear. For you to befriend your fears and live fearless, you have to accept what isn’t. Saying that, I mean for you to accept that you are scared of something. If you can’t accept your fears you can never deal with them.
When you accept your fears, you give it your energy and time. For instance, if you are scared of the dark, why not explore what it feels like to be in the dark. You can Light a candle in the dark and watch the stillness of its glow. You can also talk to friends about doing something cool, maybe playing some sort of games in the dark. With that, you can overcome the fear of staying in the dark.
Befriending your fears means making it something that you enjoy doing. Of course, you wouldn’t want to befriend someone who drains the energy out of you. You can also do this by trying to appreciate its existence. Appreciating the value of someone or something, takes hate away.
Your fears can also be conquered with persistence and perseverance of the opposite. What I mean by that is, If for instance you fear the result of failure, you have to consistently seek success to ensure that you don’t fail.
Fear can also be put away through your own spirituality. Building your spirituality and solitude also fights fear.
These to me are ways in which fear could be curbed. Never think that you are alone in any journey you face. Talk to someone, open up a little more and be ready to fight whatever it is. If you think of any other ways that you can befriend your fears and make yourself fearless, feel free to comment below. Thank you.
Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.

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