Essence #2

You pose as an oppressor to people and things that you think you dominate. As superior to the less informative, but does that make you any less ignorant or foolish?

I started this morning with this rhetorical question to write on the essence of humility in this journey. I must be a humble person to must have brought this up, you’re thinking. Well, am not. I am proud of everything I’ve ever possessed, from my achievements down to what am yet to gain, I boast about them all. I always want to prove wrong people wrong, prove to those that curse my flaws wrong and most of all prove that I grow everyday in my thinking.

Does it really matter? Does it make me any less greater than I am or any less ignorant or foolish?

Humility is the knapsack of every good heart. It is carried with pride and it  makes one less prone to being objective of people. This was what I comprehended today. I don’t want to trip and fall with pride before I learn to humble myself. I want to carry and show it everywhere I go.

Before we started this journey, we never said that #TheGoodInMe path was going to be an easy one to walk through. Therefore, I urge you just like me to open up your mind to every storm it brings. I don’t want to write it vain and have you read it same. I want us to apply it to our dailies. we’re all in this together.

Tell me what you picked up from my 2nd day with you and more of what you feel you can share with us in the comment box below. Thank you.


Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.


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