In the Very End #6

When I see old people in the bus, I think a lot before I actually get to my destination. I try so much to picture their young pretty faces under those wrinkles. I hallucinate on how young and vibrant they would have hopped into the bus, climbed up the double-decker and quickly get seated. I sometimes think that they think so too at their very old age. I see wishes written on their faces, wishes of being able to laugh out loud and talk non-stop with friends. Wishes of being young again. I see all that in their sad looking faces. Nonetheless, some of them have lived a pretty much good life and these wishes might be untrue.

I want you today, to picture yourself at the age of 80 in a bus, seated there. What do you think you would be thinking of? Is it the next party that would be hosted in your city by your favourite artist? Is it an old man about your age that you find sweet and cute? Is it what you would wear the next day to impress the media and people around you? Is it the luxury of having tons of meaningless friends? What would you be thinking of? Perhaps, am guessing is when next you are going for a medical check up for either your teeth, foot, waist or eyes. It could be when next you want to feel like you are not alone, calling up your children to speak to your grandchildren and great too or even being a nanny. Let’s also add that you might want to go to church or mosque or a place of worship of your own choice. Think.

In the very end, you Reflect. This reflection comes with regrets of things you should have done whilst you were still full of life. The places you should have been, the people you should have helped, the mistakes you should have corrected, the people you should have dismissed and the kind of heart you should have possessed. In the very end comes non-fulfilment. Today has given you a chance to make right what should, to forgive and let  go, to learn to love and love again, to be happy and satisfied with all you have, to be grateful and value what’s to be valued and to be good in every way. Think.

Its 03:23am and I don’t know what prompted these thoughts but am certain it’s for good and you. #6 is here and seems like a reflection day for me, I’d like to know yours and how it’s going too. Leave your thoughts below. Thank you.


Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015


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  1. myrapawleys says:

    Nice post. 🙂

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  2. robert87004 says:

    I think you have hit upon the problem well enough. This is what I like about Buddhist philosophy, is that you live in the present and don’t want your moods to swing too far in any direction, as that just means you will also have mood swings the opposite way, whether good or bad. I’m not espousing being Buddhist, but good lessons are where you find them. 🙂

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  3. ipeniwrite says:

    It is my pleasure knowing that you know that there’s a correlation between what you believe in and how good or bad your life is set to be. I appreciate you for sharing your thoughts on this. Thank you Robert 😊


  4. It’s lovely when life overwhelms one’s senses without making a fuss about it.

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  5. ipeniwrite says:

    I guess that’s why nature rules even when we think we do..thank you Christy for adding to that 😊

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