Reflection- Week 1 recap #7

Remember why you started?

For the past week we’ve trailed on the path of understanding ourselves as humans. Recollecting events and and substituting the bad ones for good. we opened our hearts to accepting what’s right instead of wrong and analysing each day with thoughts and an act/ acts of goodness. Today I want us to reflect on those things we’ve done, even if it means writing them down and reading them over. I want us to embrace goodness together with its outcomes and strive to occupy our minds with ways acceptable with right.

It’s okay if you still don’t get it. Don’t panic neither should you relent. It’s okay too if you find it difficult rather than unchallenging to put up with people because they take your kindness for weakness. I want you to know that you are not alone. You are strong at heart that is why you read this blog daily to try and follow, you are seeking yourself with an open heart that is why you will find grace. If you think you have nothing to reflect on, why not take a bold step today. Do something daringly different. Reflect on what is and what next.

I find it hard to keep up with things I cherish and harder to appreciate them daily. That’s what I am working on. What’s yours? Tell us in the reply box below. Thank you.


Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.


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  1. Beautifully written.

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