The sixth sense #8

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Sometimes I presume that we don’t mean to judge people, our senses overshadow our hearts. You are standing by a busy street distributing flyers for a special occasion, I guess you would tend to give flyers to those that look good and cheerful than those covered in dirt and rags. You are human and its natural for your five senses to be at alert that time filtering what poses to be bad.

Today I feel sore. I feel like I judged my self, I let my senses over ride my sixth sense, my heart. I traded sin for sin which left me gnashing my teeth with a heavy spirit today. It’s not ordinary, its unforgiveable. I realised that my heart plays a much more vital role when it comes to my decisions, not just what I see, hear, perceive, taste or feel. Every move I make is embedded inside.

The sixth sense, your heart is your palace. Your treasure that shouldn’t be compromised. I want us to always look beyond what our senses tells us when judging people. I urge you to nurture your heart with good and unending kindness. This is a therapy to healing, trust me. I urge you to connect dots with your heart with what you see, hear, taste, perceive and feel, it makes you less prone to judging people and more to putting yourself in their shoes. Everyone is guilty of being a judge over others, but you can still change that about you today.

I am not proud of most things I’ve said and done, but am happy am learning. Discovering every bit that lead to my mistakes and correcting them the best possible way I can. How was your #8 day? please tell us how it’s been for you and  share your thoughts below. Thank you.


Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.


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