Toxic? #9

What prevents your heart from sucking up good? What are those weeds that you cultivate amongst the pure seeds that grow in your heart? Are they people, things or emotions? If yes, they are what I call toxic.

It’s an impossible feeling not to get attracted to things that make us feel like we are on top of the world. That we could be more. More than what we are, more than what others think of us. Our creator has made us and nature so simple and perfect in his own eyes, but we choose to decipher what isn’t. we have recycled nature and ourselves in the name of looking for perfection. We were all born with nothing, nothing good or bad but we’ve all been given a choice to live right and good. Sometimes, those choices break us. We mend and choose to break again, not because we love mistakes but because our mistakes have intoxicated us.

If we can get attracted to toxic people, things and feelings, we can also reject them in the same way. We can push them away to get the best in us. We can sacrifice our time and energy for good people, things and feelings. We can choose to live right and walk with dignity. You would wonder how? How could that be? Yes you can! how couldn’t it? Abort the fear of being talked about, the fear of stagnancy and pride. Leave behind people that feed you with negativity and focus more on positive living.

You could be someone else’s poison unknowingly, but that is only when you choose to be toxic and let others intoxicate you. Prove your spirit wrong today because it has given you the chance to. I know today has been more revealing than any other day for me and am happy for saying yes to good. what do you say yes to today? Share with us in the reply box below. Thank you.


Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.




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