Sacrifice #11


we all create illusions for love.

We make up unrealistic stories and poems to describe things and people we love. The aim being to mask and exaggerate what love is, to make you crave it and desire it for a lifetime. We create mystical lyrics and unimaginable thoughts to show that we all should need love and need it even if it means hurting others. That is the perception of most if not all populace. In the end, love is love.

Love shouldn’t be forced or told because it’s feelings are untold. The best words used can never be used to define the meaning of love. It comes and never goes, it never changes even when we ourselves do. It lives and it is our birth mark as humans. Love breeds you and you kindness, meekness, goodness and all the good there is to life.

Sometimes what holds us back from loving is the fear of sacrifice. We want to be the same and still love. We don’t want to change ourselves or routine for anything/anyone. The fear of being let down, used or even hated takes over, we withdraw.

Sacrifice doesn’t mean giving your all to someone who gives you nothing in return or losing yourself/value/worth in the name of loving. Sacrifice when loving a person/thing should be mutual. Respect and loyalty should be its pillar. When we sacrifice our time, energy and resources in loving someone/ something, we show how good our hearts can be. We embrace all manner of changes that it may bring and that’s how love blossoms.

When people write or even preach it’s difficult to listen. I find it hard to hear myself when I write but this journey has helped me a lot. The little time I sacrifice to write fills me. It gives me the feeling of content. I couldn’t be happier. I appreciate that you also make out time to read this, for you.

What good thing would you sacrifice your time/energy/resources for? Do you find it hard sacrificing anything? Why? Please share your thoughts with us on this in the reply box. Thank you.


Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.


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  1. ipeniwrite says:

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  2. myrapawleys says:

    Time is precious to all of us. Time is a gift we have been given along with life as I see it. What we do with it is a choice. To squander it on myself and my selfish desires makes me like the person who took his/her proverbial ” talent” and hid it in the ground, so it did not multiply-did not share it or allow it to grow. I have found that when I share my time with others who are suffering, lonely, dying or simply need an ear, I am the one who is Blessed and rewarded beyond measure. In some unexplainable way, my time is multiplied.

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  3. ipeniwrite says:

    And that’s a sacrifice for something good love. Even when you value it, you choose to share with others. You’re heart would always be alive and those memories would never die tooπŸ’›

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  4. Rellick says:

    My love is not an illusion. Have a great day.

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  5. ipeniwrite says:

    Good for you Rellick 😊

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