what’s your shame? #13

Most people hold back goodness because their hearts are burdened

When you lighten what your heart carries, when you worry less and when you exhibit a cheerful character, you find it really easy to put smiles on people’s faces. Life is a walk of shame. People would only show you what they need you to see. They would keep discrete their pains, cries, struggles, perseverance and most of all knowledge, and show you how stronger they’ve grown. This is why many are deceived or let me say made to believe that it’s easy to get whatsoever you want in life. Behind every diamond you see, is dirt, mud, stones, gravel, water and sand rubbed against it. You can’t want to be successful if you want to be lazy, you can’t be in need of fame if you don’t want to sacrifice one or two values of yours.

So I ask you today, what’s your shame? what do you think you have been through that no one has? Why withhold a smile? why cause others pain because you’ve been through same pain? Why neglect someone in need because you have it all? why curse a generation you would never live to know? why do things because of others not because its what you want? why do you want to be soaked in wrong?

Your shame should strengthen you. It should make you learn and grow. You should never see your shame as shame but as an upliftment, because when you heal from its pieces you can never break in that form again. Your shame should bring out the good and best in you.

what shame of yours have you changed to something good and tangible in your life. Would love to know, share with us in the comment box below. Thank you.


Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The shame of once wanting to fit into society’s expectations of who I should be, changed into being my own person; an anomaly who has his individual goals and isn’t willing to compromise in order to fit the society’s requirements.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    – Emmanuel

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  3. ipeniwrite says:

    It’s lovely to know that you are walking your own shame gracefully. That is what distinguishes you from the rest. That is you Someone 😊..Thank you for sharing on here

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  4. ipeniwrite says:

    Emmanuel 😊..Thanks again

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  5. Merryn says:

    I love how you engage with your readers and ask them a question to ponder at the end :). This phrase is so profound – really moved me…”because when you heal from its pieces you can never break in that form again”. I have been through a lot of things – too many to list here, but in brief, the pain of being crushed by a power-hungry other was almost devastating to my teaching career. Thankfully, after much soul-searching, I was able to unravel the good and bad, take it out, look at it from a distance and realise I could take the criticisms which would drive me to greater achievement and didn’t have to accept the rest. That person has no power over me anymore because I now remember why I first wanted to teach. His opinion matters no more.

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  6. ipeniwrite says:

    Am happy you got to feel something from mere expression of words. Every one carries there own load but it gets even heavier when you don’t pause for a moment to analyse the content and where you are headed with them. Am happy you got to let go of what sucked up your drive and spirit to attaining your teaching goal. You must be a pretty good teacher to have passed this across in a comprehendible way. Thank you again for sharing this journey of yours. Wish you the very best in life.

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