Winter in Summer #16

It’s beginning to appear crystal clear, the bitter sweet feelings of a girl searching for more to herself.

Sometimes I feel that there isn’t more, sometimes I just feel I push myself way harder to try. It’s a lonely walk but it’s a joyous one. People come and go, whispers sing and fade out. Still, I am just that girl.

I look at things from a porters view. I don’t look for edges but cracks and holes that might leak what I’ve built already. The innocence of trust, truth and good is what I crave relentlessly and this writing journey has flavoured it in every way. Positive and true minds are people I want to be surrounded by. Hard as it may seem but not impossible.

Behind every strength possessed by any being lies hidden goals and agendas, so does a good heart. Some people give because they know what it means to lack and others do it ordinarily. I’ve heard stories, real life stories, I’ve heard close friends disclose what they’ve been through to be where they are. Close friends who have been through hard times because of mere wickedness. I’ve cried and pondered on them but in all am still thankful for where I am. I started this journey because of so many situations that have revolved around my life and the lives of people around me. I was inspired and still needed inspirations to move on. Sometimes, darkness gets to me. Things that lead me away from who I am overshadow me, but I still hold on. I keep learning.

Even if your feet can’t fit in my shoes, am certain we might wear same size. If it feels like my words and your feelings are alike, never stop moving on. Never settle. Hope you had a wonderful Thursday? share with us your thoughts and experiences. Thank you.


Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.



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  1. Opaz says:

    More of that baby..
    I’m with you!

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