The Heart’s culture #22

Have you ever wondered why people and things you put in mind trigger love or hate?

It isn’t magic that you function that way. You are simply being human. When your heart beats, it does so for danger, joy, hate or love. You’ve been programmed that way.

Learning to nurture your heart with what pleases you is what gives you the tendency to share what you have with people or to refrain. The heart is like the power house of our thoughts and words, when we fuel it with love and good, the outcome supersedes all forms of hate and lightens us up too. Our hearts should be guarded because it controls the emotions we give. When it’s been broken, we should be eager to give it time to heal, to patch up and learn to beat properly again. We should feed our hearts with it’s own kind of food, not what we think it deserves.

For you to know what’s good and not good for your heart, you have to learn it’s culture. The way your heart should be treated, what to feed it and how to keep it strong to withstand any sort of predicament. The truth is that there is no certain way one should treat the heart because we all are different. We come across different scenarios in our lives. we live and survive differently. Learning the heart’s culture is simply taking care of it like it’s a fragile piece. Avoiding what you believe is going to hurt you, doing away with that which is hurting you and being open to letting your heart heal from hurt.

when we love, give, share, exercise, pray, acknowledge, sing, rejoice and show kindness with each other, we give our hearts reasons to beat. We worry less and unite more. Hearts do think alike too.

Share your thoughts with me on this piece and add any other piece you’ve thought about in the comment box below. Thank you.


Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.


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