Afraid of Change? #25

Most changes in our lives are oblivious because we allow it without altering any part of us.

When we say someone has changed towards us, we don’t really mean the obvious. We mean those things that the person has chosen to do that are not familiar to us. Change I believe is no farewell to old habits, but flavour to it and gaining of new ones.

We want change constantly but we fear the process. We speak of it like it is a language but we fear to impose it in our lives, we fear the abrupt voices of people around us. We are scared of moving on, introducing something new or even getting stuck in change. We proclaim change without efforts which leaves us where we are.

I’m a typical example of someone who wants change but plays no role towards attaining it. I want to make my parents proud knowing that they spend a lot to see that I gain the best education. I want to obtain better results just for them even if am yet to know what I really want in life. I don’t want to be a disappointment to my family and the people that look up to me, yet I make little efforts towards all these. I spend more time outside my studies and feel sorry for myself later. I work hard but not hard enough when it comes to dedication to my academic life. What could my problem be? Am I afraid of change? Am I afraid of no social life whilst dedicating to my studies? Am I afraid of failing after putting much effort? Yes! I am

The truth is, we all are scared of moving one step forward, knowing the differences it would make in our lives. Be it studies, work, relationships, sports or even hobbies, we are afraid to reach boundaries that we haven’t reached before. We can’t imagine to stop and think of how good or bad it would feel but still we need change to survive. We take risk to adapt, to better our lives and to free ourselves of the image of our former selves. Stagnancy is an irritant. Your desires won’t halt until change is overcome. Even when change comes, it wants more. so? why are we afraid to conquer what is? Why do we prefer getting bored of consistency and overlook hope?

These are questions we should ask ourselves together with listing the pros and cons of change. We need to reflect on this and see how we could live the rest our lives. Today mattered in my live so does it for you reading this. Hope you had a wonderful Saturday? Do share your thoughts below. Thank You.


Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.


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  1. Ohmon says:

    Ah.. I share these concerns too. Change-phobia should be a thing.. [googled and found Metathesiophobia lol] .. I try daily to make changes that I hope will better my life and that of those around — most times, I fail, others? I manage to effect something significant. What I’ve found – that works for the most part – is to not make big, drastic changes at once..instead make them in bits and give your all to those bits..
    after all, little droplets, they say, make the mighty ocean.
    Nice one Dyna!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ipeniwrite says:

    Yea..I believe for change to happen change has to be made and it doesn’t really matter how little it is. The impact it has in our lives is what we live for. I appreciate your thoughts on this Ohmon


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