365 Days #26

Though the moon it’s time prevails

I know of a festive period

When the tick tocks unending

unmeaning less hour glass abound

from its premier to its 12th ember

Days and weeks are told,

But the sun joins never with the moon.

I hear the farmers call afar

the seasons far affront

My nation calls for renew

yet I remain the same, not for my leap there in.

Love and anxiety cries for a year more

But am no giver, am only nature

still hope and future I be.

Even my revolve I ought not to apprise

It’s summer’s winter again is waded

I am never in a haste to come, to breed?

So wait again, again and again until my shadow amidst

Am here now, forever and ever.

Poem of Hope. I pray each year we are given to live brings grace and bountiful blessings past all our struggles and pain. Feel free to share your own poems and thoughts on today’s reflection. Thank you


Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.


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