Veil of a she #28

You forgot what you felt the first time, what you saw in her

You pushed away your thirst for her presence and absence

The way you loved loving her.

You broke her and made her feel caged in the drops of her own tears


Why did you choose to love your insecurities and fears over her?

Why did you punish her with your eyes when she dresses to look good just for you?

Why did you let her feel that she could find comfort in other men even when she loved you?

What happened to the man that she believed was destiny?

When you compared her to other petty ladies, she was hurt.

When you overlooked what made her herself, she changed to be the woman you wanted

When you had less, she felt giving you more was sexy

When her family despised you, she assured you that she was all yours.

Even with all that, you gave her every reason to give up on you

She made one of the hardest decisions in her whole life.

She let you go, not because she couldn’t hold on but because she truly loved you.

She called you light and told you to go find your light.

Now love is only but mystery

The only love she believes in is loving herself, being selfish

She rose above the class you thought she wouldn’t

She became a better woman because of you

Nonetheless, she appreciates that you were in her life.


Hope you all had a splendid Monday, I spent mine in a care home and studying for my resits. Do share what you can. Thank you.


Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.


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  1. This is nice. Where have I been?

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  2. Matthew Clara says:

    This is simple amazing i must say i was moved and touched by this quote.There are certain things we must “ Let Go” in this life especially the women. Women are meant to be loved not to be understood…

    #Accolades Babe

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  3. ipeniwrite says:

    Thank you for having a read dear..I appreciate your beautiful words 🌸


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