Shout for a purpose #30

Miracles do happen, even in our own disbelieves they happen without signs.

Ever heard of the story of a girl in a moderately populated middle school that asked for permission to use the loo during her English class? She got locked up by a faulty bolted door in the toilet and kept screaming and crying for help. Unfortunately, no one came to her aid. Banging the door real hard to push it down was in vain and she panicked and wailed. She thought of her teacher who might have thought she left the class just to miss her lecture and also thought about herself, the fear of never coming out of the toilet again. Then she began to pray, asking God to do something. She had no prayer point in mind but she believed that God was there with her and knows what she really wanted at that point. Immediately she opened her eyes, she touched the door in disbelieve only to realize that it was opened already. Washing her face off with the tap water, she smiled at herself knowing that she has just been crying for a door that was open. She didn’t know if that was a miracle or just a mere hallucination. She just couldn’t forget that day.

That Girl in the toilet was me. I grew up realizing that it was truly a miracle and till today I feared letting it known to people because I would only be laughed at. What miracle can ever happen in the toilet? That is what most people would ask I guess. People give testimonies of their redemption or success from/in something and it never pushes me to say mine. I feel most times that there is nothing huge in my life to tell people, no serious miracle whatsoever. Nonetheless, when I take a deep look into my life, most favours that I regard as luck are miracles.

Perhaps you are reading this and you totally relate with what I’m saying, it wouldn’t do you any harm to share with others the things that you conquer. People get inspirations from it. People survive from other people’s miracles. You might say you don’t have one, consider waking up every morning, breathing, going back to sleep and dreaming. Are all these favours? or just luck?

Not everyone believes in God or prayers or even miracles but I know every one at some point in their lives must have been redeemed from something. It takes nothing to share your experience with the world. It’s never too little or short. It’s your experience and people would learn from it.

It is quite sunny today and am loving the weather, hope you all are having a good day too? I would be glad to have you share your thoughts in the reply box below. Thank You.


Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.


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