Renascence #31

The end is always better than the beginning especially when you have gained the best from what you started with.

What makes you a changed person for good makes you a better person too. You have been tolerating a lot that you shouldn’t and suddenly you step up and speak for yourself. You have been doing something that your conscience blames you for all the time and think its time to stop and you have. You have been with someone or something that you think devalues you, shreds your worth and never appreciates your efforts and you thought its time to let go and you have. You have been procrastinating and postponing something that you feel you should have started a long time ago and you decided that the time is now. Do not be afraid of the new. Don’t hate yourself for the change. Embrace it and explore it as much as you can. You are welcome to your own renascence.

For a month, we explored varieties and aspects of humanity relating it with our own purpose. What we’ve missed out on doing, what we should/ought to be doing, reflecting on those questions about life that we need to decipher. It has been a blissful one for me knowing that today doesn’t feel like 31 days ago.

Even though I have a small space, I have learned to fill it with good. My time has been more productive for me lately and the way I perceive people and things have also changed hugely. Just yesterday I started a book and am hoping to finish writing it by Christmas. It’s been an amazing journey for me and I truly enjoyed every bit of my exploration especially with the positive responses and thoughts I got from most of you. It feels like a rebirth for me.

Today was a good one, with my examination resit timetable out. I’m just sort of glad about it, knowing that soon after the examination, my second year starts. It feels like I have nothing to lose but just something to get me occupied during this break.

It is kind of sad that this series is ending today but am happy all the same. I feel like this is an achievement and I pray you also gained a lot from it too.

The good in me, the good in us is what others would learn from, it is a reflection of our unsaid, it is what you give without asking for anything in return. I urge us all to keep being the best we can and to keep projecting positivity for a better world and a better us.

I want to appreciate us all for this journey. Thank you for leading me through and supporting me every step of the way. You are part of this achievement.


Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.


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