I cannot undo the things i have done…


Those who know nothing about us… our struggles and our liberalizations judge us so harshly… You hear men saying “I don’t date women with children…” or women saying “I am a 90s kid, without a kid” all of these are personal preferences and that is okay, however, those of us with kids refuse to be crucified because we kept our children… Lets be honest, we have ALL made terrible mistakes, ones that you cant even tell your best friend, its just that some have children to show for it, others have AIDS, other got out scratch free…

We cannot unlove where we have loved… We can’t dig up the seed of love that we planted in HIS fertile soils. If you stop feeding that love is stops growing but remains and it still exists. You cannot uncry all the tears that you have shed… Nor can you unhurt where your heart has…

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