In the library..16:45

In the midst of quiteness

car noises roar, the passing lorries and fumed power bikes

I see green, bricks and a cloudy day

where has the sun gone ?, where did it run for shelter?

The air’s purity, the sound it collects from people

slippery slope.

My fingers seem to ache

My thinking is different by this time

I study, write and type

yet without no word or sound

just noisy thoughts.

what could cross these paths on the road twice?

why can’t cars drive on the opposite lane?

break the rules and go behind bars

Is it enough to hear the sirene call

or the turbulent ambulance rant

hoarding the weak, lame or dead

I feel these birds wanting to walk and crawl

I feel my soul wanting to lift my body

and my body flying across my city

In this heart of mine, in this library of theirs.

All I feel and see.

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.


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