Dark pink roses

You want to know.

You are eager to know what’s going on, not for the sake of righteousness but for condemnation and disapproval. This century when everyone thinks everyone ought to know. You want to compare and despise me even when our roads run the opposite way. Things are happening, bad things. People are changing, good hearts to evil. Are you one of them?

We speak of envy and haters but we create them. We show and give them what to be jealous about. We over praise ourselves on social media and outside to hurt? We give others the chance to speak for us, to reassure us of what we know about ourselves already. Some live on it out of idleness and the rest search for every nook and cranny existence of yours out there to bring you down.

Let me tell you what has been destroyed by their words. Friendships, relationships, marriages, businesses, life and self. You may not know, you may not even want to know, why?- because you are running the show. You are the puppet and they the puppeteer.

How meaningful your life would be when it’s quite and requires no attention. You appreciate every little effort you put into making your life a better one thereafter. We are constantly looking for a miracle where it doesn’t exist, where we created images and moving images.

Can you call out those that survived on there? Can you create a spark from mere frequencies and wavelengths? We all need therapy for the so called media. There are many for which it’s usefulness has profited us but our lives shouldn’t be a part, it shouldn’t be dependent on it.

I saw those roses go dim. They went from bright to dark. I lost the soul of me when I needed you to live. It shouldn’t be that way. My life should be more meaningful than just pictures.

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.


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