The Aba Mythology: “a knowing”

I can totally relate. My CITY, where my heart lies always. Aba, Abia.


Everything from Aba is fake, comedians go about the United States of Aba, and everyone seems to have something to say but unfortunately, as heartbreaking as it is for me, some Nigerians don’t even know what that is.

It was my first year in the university, I had just met my room mates, they were such a delight, vocal and outspoken which contradicted my then present state of naivety and timidity. Dolapo mistook those, she thought of me as being pretty nice and quiet. I wasn’t.

She was wrong, I wanted to tell her how wrong she was, I wanted to give her a seat and let her hear “my gist”, I needed her to know that “nwaaba no dey carry last”, she had to hear of my escapades in Ariaria with the wheel barrow pushers who won’t stop screaming “uzo”!. I wished she knew who I was; the assistant…

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