The ‘what if’s’ of an idiot

Laughter brings pain where sore wounds are salted.

The earth is arguably not round or spherical amidst all extinct constellations.

Flowers never wither, they never die, they grow from pollen.

We weed out the humanity in us and leave free-floated spirits to wander

I know all this, I know everything but nothing

I know I’m not sensible, I’m an idiot


  • What if you are never wrong as opposed to the wrong you did?
  • What if there were 400 days in a year and people are actually short-lived by their fellow people?
  • What if colours only made us blind and black and white was our only identification?
  • What if reality was abstracts and vice versa?
  • What if your only hope is in yesterday?
  • What if animals ruled us by making us rule them?
  • What if being left-handed was bliss, disabled divine, blinded grace and not known validated?
  • What if being supernatural was the only natural?
  • What if the earth is a curse and the people in it too?
  • What if you were told that the last of your kind left is you?
  • What if our believes, opinions and perceptions are deceptive?
  • What if our thoughts and imaginations are like that of this idiot, me?

Crosses are not made up of two crossed planks, their meaning put existence to their nature. I would only twist your mind in disbelieve but your beliefs would be shaken anyways.

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.


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