I’m aware of the opportunities but unaware of the blessings

“Regardless of the time and place, every opportunity is an unopened parcel”

                                                                              Dyna Ekwueme.

What’s your story behind your limits? Who said you can’t go further? Did people make that decision for you or you made your choice? How about trying? What if this is a totally new experience? who’s gain would it be if you just do it?

Whenever you get that random email, get hold of that random flyer, drive pass that job vacancy, get appointed to lead a group, hear that scholarship exam call, skim through the net for that program you were advised of or even contemplate on working those extra hours you know that you wouldn’t be paid for, why not ask yourself these questions above.

Luck is a subset of opportunity and blessings are the aftermath. People that you think that know just too much or you think are so successful are those that are always willing to take the risk of grabbing every opportunity that comes their way. You can say to yourself that your whole life has been disciplined to be back home before 9pm regardless of what’s happening and you miss meeting that man/woman of your dreams whilst avoiding to work those extra hours at work. It may not be just at work, it maybe at school, in your place of worship, road, hospital etc.  Every opportunity is a experience which opens up your mind for more regardless of zero outcomes.

You might be that someone like me who holds on to the cliché “experience is the best teacher” but how would you learn if you don’t give yourself the chance to experience every opportunity?. How would you discover your in-capabilities when you haven’t even tried? We get overwhelmed by things we haven’t imagined ourselves doing talk less of achieving, we downgrade that zeal in us to reach certain heights and use words to overshadow our strengths. We lower our standards when it comes to certain opportunities to prove that we are really okay how we are and where we are, when in reality we’re not.

Friend(s) , learn to approach and take hold of every opportunity that hits you, whether you think it adds meaning to your life or not. Open up a little to things that you’ve never done before, who knows? you might end up making a living out of it. Take every opportunity personal and put in your very best to seeing how it goes. You may be a doubter but I urge you today to believe in opportunities. We are all aware of the opportunities that surrounds us but we don’t see the benefits that comes after we make use of it.

If you think that you have a story where you’ve grabbed or missed an opportunity, do share with us and if you have thoughts on this subject also, feel free to put it down in the reply box below. Thank you.

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.


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