Obese: Poem of mayhem

external image obese-child-in-india.jpg                                                                       Picture gotten fromFuzzyScience

Every image, Every print

a reflection of itself yet not so unreal

the passer-by’s give me a name

scales fail to tell them the truth

I’m not the one who caused the excess

neither do my presence suffocate yours

Unfair, unfair when I look at you and then me

or when you look at me and still stare

My wobbling shadows are now scarecrows

grown ups call me fat, they underestimate what’s beneath

they pry in my strengths and feed on my weaknesses

skinny and average fools!

They forget that life isn’t always where life is,

I exist so they don’t go extinct

I am only a bigger reflection of how they are meant to be

They forget me so much that I lose some of me bit by bit.

But none of that changes what I look forward to

I still cherish my favourite biscuits and chocolates

My every lazy days, dragging my feet and snoring out loud at night

Days I giggle to every tickle

places I forget that I’m obese

Moments I see order in my every said disorder.  .

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow! This so so good, I’ve definitely been here! I’m past it now but I grew up in this situation to be honest and this poem really spoke to me, thank you!

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  2. ipeniwrite says:

    I see a lot people hide their potentials behind a mere skin and it gets to me. These people wish that other people can look beyond that and see what they are really made of but the confidence isn’t there. I reflected on how much these people can give and decided to put this down. I’m glad Louis that you could relate to this piece of mine. Only few would and only few who hasn’t been in that position would understand. Thank you for taking your time to read it.

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