It’s official

Every attempt I made to disappear, running away from my shadows. The despair and rage in a darker part of me grew immensely. I blamed it all on people, souls that couldn’t decree my next sneeze. Sometimes the light goes pale and my iris cease to dilate. The emotional part of me couldn’t cry nor could it breathe love to the other as it usually does. I was lost in my world questioning the unseen.
“Where can I find my soul in the midst of my own chaos?
I wander in circles, seeking silence
Where muttering of filth and dust is seen
I found a place I could call mine, 
a sanctuary I can only dwell in
That place I find peace and love so boundless
I found my connection.” 
But then again, every piece that was left like a puzzle began to make more sense. I promised to believe again, to lay my hope on light and summon courage from every opportunity. Stories didn’t need to be told to me again, I started writing my own story. Every thing else that wasn’t of it never seemed appealing to me, I then realised that it was official. I’m with love💛.

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.


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