“Pay attention to your faults, they may turn out to be your strengths.”

Dyna Ekwueme

How soon I got compelled by my failures to set compromises in this life of mine. Putting confusion to my doubts to clarify my existence and sole purpose of living. The past three months was crafted in a way I never imagined it to be. I wouldn’t say that I’ve been sailing smooth but rather I’m at that point on the sea where I don’t need a compass anymore to get to my destination.

I want us to realize that no matter how much people believe in us, when we fail to believe in ourselves in the process, whatsoever our target is becomes a threat to us. I’ve realized alot about myself, my weaknesses and better ways to work on them. Something about geniune laughter and good company that makes me grow, something about reaching to others in ways they least thought you would. I realized how simple we can make our lives be just by letting ourselves be in control.

These past few months made me bitter and better at the same time. I listened to silence more than I did to people, I loved more and let more go. I’ve been to people and places in search of answers and wise vibes I don’t get everyday. I’ve grown wild, wilder and back to mild. Nothing brought me better joy than these gone days.

I found connection with God in times that I thought he wouldn’t listen. I got back up after a huge fall by putting myself out there and grasping every single opportunity that came my way, to breathe. It’s not a shame to me, it’s an adventure I got from self-exploration. I believe in everyone who believes in themselves and let others believe in them too. I believe in a human so imperfectly perfect seeking self improval. I believe in you.

I’ve been more than vulnerable. How have you been dear fellow bloggers?

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.


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  1. Samantha says:

    I agree with Aditivblog: beautiful post.

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  2. ipeniwrite says:

    Thank you Samantha

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  3. jcnashpoems says:

    Sometimes believing in ourselves can be really difficult, at some point all of us have doubts about who we really are and what we are doing. The thing is, whatever it is we choose to do we can only give it our best and the more we do it, hopefully, the better we get at it

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  4. jcnashpoems says:

    Whoops didn’t mean to send that then. A good piece of writing and I’m pleased you can now throw away the compass and I wish you luck on your journey. 🙂

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  5. ipeniwrite says:

    You said it best! 💛 I appreciate your kind words

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  6. ipeniwrite says:

    Thank you! I wish you same 🙂

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