Where my heart felt Growth

Words are enough, so are actions but what craves for more isn’t how these are said or shown but the uncertainty we all attach to time.

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When it comes down to ourselves, we are all guilty of failing to satisfy ourselves completely. We play puzzles and sometimes disengage with our minds for another’s  sake. Not that we don’t need them but we suppose that they are willing to let us learn from them whilst learning from us.

Where has your heart felt growth the most?

I realized that people let you see through them when you create a substance that makes you alike with them, more like getting into their skin and believing  in their world. You feel vagueness and connection at the same time and it becomes a culture. Some people tend to grow this way, some through pain and others through chaos and isolation. It really doesn’t matter what makes you grow, you only need to worry when you seem to remain the same.

Thriving in chaos

I grew up with two sides of the coin, mastering the head and waggling the tail everywhere I went. It might sound somewhat impossible but confusion and certainty has always known me. I was raised by two different voices with no choice of listening to one. This has made me a listener and a people’s person than one who speaks for all. The truth has been that this is where my growth sprouts, listening to two sides before validating mine. Hearing echoes and the silence in it, trusting in now and distrusting the outcome and most especially, understanding what could grow in every chaos I find myself in.


This is the growth of the masses. Some call it experience but it all pins down to you learning from yourself. Stories and people’s experiences are like counterfeit to us. We want to know why ‘we shouldn’t’. Most times, we want to prove that we could be better than others, ego. Pain, a joyous suffering. Pain, a lifetime scar. Pain, a deep word we don’t  want to experience but refuse to refrain from. People that live  through it never stay stagnant, they breed more than what pain put them through. I’ve lived through one, so have you.

We all know where we love to be touched, so does our hearts. You needn’t to worry too much about the outcome but put in the work, agree, disagree, commute, return, make sensible utterances and sometimes refrain from  saying a word. Growth has no station, It doesn’t reside in that place you’ve been for years, go in search of it!

Find where your heart feels growth the most.

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015


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  1. coolestcharlie says:

    Chidinma Ekwueme come and marry me. I need a poet wife. just wenet through all that i missed and i just have to say that your choice of words. your story, is a splendour.

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  2. ipeniwrite says:

    Aww thank you Charlie..I appreciate your kind words


  3. Dipyaman Roy says:

    Very beautiful and reassuring write! wonderful! 🙂
    Thanks for following!

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  4. Dipyaman Roy says:

    You’re welcome!

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  5. JM Stories says:

    I understand Thriving in Chaos. Thanks so much for the follow

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  6. ipeniwrite says:

    Thank you too 🙂


  7. Dan Lages says:

    Reblogged this on Dan Lages and commented:
    Anyone looking for inspiration? Check this blog out:


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