Girls’ Power

I am not a feminist. I still believe in men.

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The few that see and value superiority and control in men without insolence and downgrade to women, are the populace I belong to. I love to see men take charge, give, lead and follow too. Not despising feminism in any sort, I only believe that strong-willed, confident and smart women have a place after men.

Going back to the time women knew their place, there was less competition over power, fame or even men. Women were women. Then, a woman would let a foreigner or even a maid lay with and marry the husband for different reasons. Men grew strong and knew how to treat women without needing to read books or listen to stories  about them. They were bold and was only weakened by other men.

Yes! things are different now and yes we are in a new era but that doesn’t change the fact that men are men and women are women and that they are two opposite categories.

I admire the courage of feminists, their burning desire to gain rights, fight and measure up to the standards of men. Their unending quote of “what a man can do, a woman can do even better”. It’s far from doubts but when you become a man as a woman what do you make a man? Weak, lame, confused, chilled, less confident, listener than a doer , woman…

The society is always thirsty for stability so it creates turbulence that leaves us evolving before time. If only these women fight to measure up to the standards of their fellow women…If only they uplifted their fellow women and gave credits and compliments where needed… If only we craved the desire to shape ourselves, cloth our nakedness and let men own the jealousy…If only we knew that our power lies behind the strength of a man’s not on our tongues and looks..If only women want to be women, men wouldn’t be silent for this long.

I’m aware of the rights and I’m also aware that I’m a wo-man.

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.


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  1. noblethemes says:

    An interesting perspective, and one with which I’m sure many women would/will agree. Certainly very clear and well-written.

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  2. ipeniwrite says:

    Thank you for your beautiful words💙

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  3. Beautiful write up. Well written. I however beg to differ on some points.
    1. Feminism is not about seeking to be equal with men. While there are people who make that equality the goal of their advocacy, they do not speak for all feminists.
    2. Feminism is not about being men. As the write-up has pointed out, if we become men, who will be the women or what will the man do?
    3. Feminism IS about seeking for equal human rights for men as well as women. The right to go to school, vote, work, being part of decision making in issues that concern women directly and issues about the community. The right to be seen as a person with a right to live, not a sexualised object to be taken at will for a man’s gratification
    4. Feminism is about being measured by what I contribute in the work place, the quality of my work and not my gender or the length of my skirt. It is about being able to work with the ‘boys’ and not having my contributions dismissed as ‘woman talk’ or relegated to the Welfare department because that is what women are good at
    5. Feminism is fighting to be able to choose the path I want for my life and not being tripped up every other day by well meaning relatives, who have my biological calendar posted on their walls and who feel mandated to remind me that women have a short shelf life. I don’t see anyone doing that for the men, why is my life condemned to be measure by how many kids I have popped out and whose bed I am warming at night?

    If these rights and expectations, make any man, feel less of a man, then that is his burden to carry, not mine. I refuse to let myself or any lady around me, accept any less because a man needs to feel in control. Men need to be in control of their own lives and their destinies and not women. The measure of a man is not in how many women he can whip into line. Men (and women) need to realise that the battle is not about the sexes, we are partners and when we walk together there is so much more that we can do.

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  4. ipeniwrite says:

    I appreciate you for your time, having read my post. Everyone I believe is entitled to their opinions and yours on this, I respect and acknowledge.
    If feminism is not about women’s rights on the ground of seeking equality of sexes, what then is feminism? Are there different kinds of feminists? Every word you described as feminism is what everyone craves individually regardless of their sex. It’s more like the freedom to do whatsoever not minding the surrounding conditions. However, you are seeing it in your own view as a woman which is unarguably what’s happening in the world today.
    If men lead an advocacy of their rights on the grounds of being equal with women, what would your voice say? would you be part?
    The main aim of feminism is to stop the oppression of women and achieve social equity for them, that I said in this blog post, I admire. Girls’ power was written not to oppose feminism or try and change what you strongly believe in but to speak on women empowering other women. Feminism was highlighted to show how we can redirect this power we have as women to uplifting other women than changing societal standards. I do not fight to share equal rights with men neither do I disregard women that do this. I only believe in what I believe in and that is women, knowing my place. I also do not share the thought of men looking down or insulting women in any situation, environment or condition as there are men out there who don’t. “The few that see and value superiority in men without INSOLENCE AND DOWNGRADE to women, are the populace I belong to”.
    Thank you for your thoughts on this once again.


  5. Fijay says:

    Hmmmm ….this is an interesting one …I personally believe that you can’t be a woman and NOT a feminist …it doesn’t mean you want to emulate being a man …but that women’s skills, qualities and opinions should be of equal value to mens both in relationship and in society at large….I used to be of the opinion that I was a strong Independant woman and could do ANYTHING a man could do …maybe we can to a degree and vice versa …..but as I’ve got older …and maybe a little wiser I realise I sold myself short …we CANT do it ALL and neither can men …I think we should value both the feminine AND masculine ….. ideally they compliment each other …Yin/Yan
    As a mother to 2 boys I also have a vested interest in this …boys/young men seem to be floundering somewhat these days …whether it be academically, socially and unfortunately the suicide rates speak for themselves ….I place great value on masculinity but I AM still a feminist because I am female so how could I not be:)

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  6. ipeniwrite says:

    You made your opinion and believe clear Fijay and a lot of people out there would be able to relate to that. There are those outside that circle that equally stand for masculinity and are not feminists. I can be a woman and not a feminist because it’s not an entitlement but a choice.

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  7. Thank you, Fijay. It always delights my heart when I see parents laying the right foundation for respecting human rights and self-respect, especially with their male children. As you said, you can’t be a woman and not be a feminist, when the very fact that you can even have a voice on a blog is due to the fight of feminists.
    Ladies who think that the work of feminists is a choice can tell the girls who are forced into marriage at 9 or 10, that the work of those who fight for them is an entitlement. The next time a couple is caught in adultery in saudi arabia and the woman is stoned to death but we never hear of the man, think if feminism is important or not.
    Or a woman cannot drive a car or even leave her home in some middle eastern countries, without the permission of her father or brother, consider if feminism is important or not.
    The next time u r driving down the street, and a man brushes ur car and when you challenge him, he tells you to go and call your husband or the man who bought the car for you because he cannot talk to woman, think again if feminism is important or not.
    @Dyna, maybe this will help –

    That said, I’m out of here.
    Have a fab day ladies

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  8. ipeniwrite says:

    Acknowledged 🙂

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  9. janhavi1916 says:

    I loved it absolutely..

    Ur post echoed my thoughts so effectively…. 😊

    Thank you for cmn up with such a substance…. Hats off!!!!

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  10. ipeniwrite says:

    I’m glad it did love..thank you for reading 🙂

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  11. aprilmelts says:

    I have long wanted to write about this but failed to write it effectively and as articulately as you did. I am happy to discover that I am not alone in this perspective. I love it!

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  12. ipeniwrite says:

    I’m glad you found this post. Would love to read yours if you’re inspired to script your own piece down. Thank you for your kind words💙


  13. charlypriest says:

    I got to say that your rational here is right on in my perspective that is. As you say “men are men and women are women and they are in different categories” which is true, and people tend to confuse that this means that women are inferior or that they are not equal. As a matter of fact the part of not being equal people are right on that. I don´t believe in equality, plus is a concept that´s absurd. You can´t reach equality. Amongst men, there are some that are best suited to do certain things than others so there goes inequality amongst men, the same happens betwen women. And it is a fact that our brains, our bone structure is different not only form man to man, but specially from woman to man. And it should be that way. And all this does not mean woman are inferior as the feminist like to constantly proclaim. We all have a part in society.

    I think the feminist actually insult and diminish women. Since they see women as a collective instead of individuals. We are all individuals, there are guys that can´t do the certian things women can do and viceversa. The key word here is individual, if I see a woman that can run faster than a guy, well good for her. Probably my mother can run faster than me.

    To the point, feminist deminish the role of women , although earlier on they did do a good job to even things out but we are now in the year 2016 almost, by bunching them all in a group and not seeing the value of each individual women. Some may be great CEO´s and others suck at it, same goes for guys. So for me it´s all about the individual person and what he or she can add value to society, or to his family and friends.

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  14. charlypriest says:

    And the type of carachter of that individual person, is what I most value.

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  15. ipeniwrite says:

    You just wrote in depth what my perspectives are about men and women. Everyone needs to know their place as individuals and if it’s in their power to attain a higher place than others or to be treated the same way as a fellow man or woman, it’s a choice to openly voice their thoughts out. I’m always intrigued to reply to whosoever that thinks feminism is what every woman must support and fight for. Like I said, I do not despise their movement, instead I admire their courage but where they get it wrong is assuming that every woman has got the right or should be a feminist. Like you said, “they see women as collective rather than individuals” and that is where I come in whenever this is argued. Feminism is not an ENTITLEMENT BUT A CHOICE. Thank you Charly for your voice on this. I hope it gives more clarity to those still confused about where I stand.


  16. charlypriest says:

    I think you made it perfectly clear were you stand and you did so very eloquently

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  17. ipeniwrite says:

    Thank you once again for reading through.

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  18. This post was deep. It really made me think, especially about how we as women take on so many roles and try to do everything. We don’t necessarily give a man the opportunity to step up and be a man. And when he does try and help, we often criticize or berate him because he didn’t do it the way we wanted or the way we would have done. Thanks for sharing.

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  19. ipeniwrite says:

    I’m glad you were aroused by this post. Thank you for reading and sharing your website too💙. Would have a read at it..Happy new year🎉

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