What’s for winter?

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It’s easier to judge when you see what you are judging than anticipate and predict what’s to come.

I bet most people by this time must have summed up and started working on their resolutions and some are probably still trying to keep up with theirs or even haven’t started. Having a plan is one thing, accomplishing it is another.

For those of you who like me that got into this year like “it is what I make it ” and not “what it is” must be curious about what’s ahead too.

What’s for winter? or rather what’s for the coming season?

We grow with our minds and feed it what we allow it to be fed. Our thoughts only spice up what we can build for ourselves and the creativity we hide within us.You don’t have to wait any longer because you’ve been waiting for a long time. You’ve waited all these years for the perfect timing to come and to your own surprise it still isn’t here. You’ve waited to kick-start that project of yours, to launch that documentation, open that heart, quit that horrible job, stand up for yourself, leave your comfort zone, study for that important examination, appreciate the people around you, reciprocate honesty, love and presence. How long would it go on for?

We are all tight-fisted when it comes to sharing our secrets and only let trust compel us to share them. If we can control what we share and give, Why can’t we give ourselves the chance to try instead of waiting to be tried? Let me give you a list of the possible outcomes for winter/your season. Loathe, love, patience, disappointment, cruelty, carelessness, failure, achievements, bitter experiences, appreciation, open-mindedness, willingness and what have you.

No one ever said that life wouldn’t happen. It will but what’s the purpose of living without living? You can’t be waiting for dinner without being present, so does asking “what’s for winter” without starting somewhere.

What’s actually for your winter my dear bloggers? what are your expectations? πŸ™‚

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2016


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I learned a while ago that we’re not always …if ever ….fully in control of our lives ….I started this year feeling really good but having no expectations …and it’s a good job too really ….every year carries with it unexpected events …some good some not so ….nothing we can do but ‘experience’ really:)
    Yep ….it’s great to dream, plan and set goals …but life will often throw stuff at us ……choices to make …obstacles to negotiate …..and sometimes we just have to flow with ‘what is’ and see what happens:)
    So I guess that’s ‘What’s for winter’ for me
    A thoughtful post Dinah ….hope 2016 brings you everything you wish for:)

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  2. ipeniwrite says:

    Aww that’s true. Going with ‘what is’ is a huge open-mindedness there and somewhat a good idea when you don’t want to lean on expectations. Thank you for finding this post :)..I do hope your ‘what is’ brings you good fortune this year. Thank you for your wishes too


  3. Fijay says:

    Thankyou …..I’m laughing so much at your reply and I’m not sure why:D:D:D
    I guess I’ve learned it’s hard to lean on ‘expectations’ …..I’ve tended to be the ‘leant’ on …had periods where strength has been tested sorely and been wanting ….. which is fine …because of this tho I struggle to lean on anything but myself these days ….or have any expectations of others ….maybe there’s a lesson there ….my ‘expectations’ are to try to remain strong ‘whatever’ ….just ‘get on’ ….and ironically had surrendered that view somewhat last year ……I was hit by an unexpected sparkly wave …..and went with it ……then the ocean was shrouded in mist and confusion for a while ……and now another life wave has come up behind ……I have no choice but to go with It …..so it’s not ‘open mindedness’ as such πŸ™‚
    In fact it’s the opposite ….’realistic expectations’ at this very moment in time …..not knowing what the future holds:)

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  4. purplepaw says:

    I don’t like to admit, but I’m the person who doesn’t finish anything… I really don’t like it, and I want to change! But yes, it’s hard to take up these New Year’s resolutions, hard to finish and not to quit in the middle or even at the beginning. Although, they say that everything starts with one step, and if you can do something for a couple of weeks – every day, of course – you can make a habit πŸ™‚ Anyway, I really liked your post, it was good to read that not I’m the only one who thinks like this way πŸ™‚

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  5. ipeniwrite says:

    I can relate to being the one that people lean on. Sucking up part of their pain and listening to every detail to lend a calming advice. We can’t tell where the thread would snip, but at least when it does we tie it up at that end and start with another. I admire your courage of “going with it” and not just shutting everything out. The past wave must have been a lesson or somewhat experience that has taught you something good but a soothing one is coming to you soon love. You just have to keep going with it. Thank you for sharing this with meπŸ’™


  6. ipeniwrite says:

    Procrastination you mean :)..no one’s immune to it. We just tend to conquer it for the moment. You’re not alone in what you’ve written, in fact I’m guilty as well in most things I try to create. Not that the passion is not there but just hoping and waiting on the “perfect timing”. Everything starts with one step, yes! But being honest, open and sharing it on here, is a huge one. Wishing you luck in everything you do this year πŸ™‚ . Thank you for visiting my blog


  7. This is a lovey post. It will challenge anybody who keeps planning to start but never starting. Thanks for sharing.

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  8. ipeniwrite says:

    Yess..thank you Ngobesing πŸ™‚


  9. mvanleuken says:

    What’s for winter? Instead of needing the impossible, that is to *know* where I will be next year at this time, just write a little bit every day and even share some of it.

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  10. ipeniwrite says:

    That’s some self inspiration…would be needing that too. Thank you for reading πŸ™‚


  11. Thank you for the like!

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  12. wuh-faa says:

    My biggest winter starter has been appreciating time. I feel that’s the biggest motivator to get my winter going on a path of being and becoming in this life. Also, winter itself, I think me and winter have a great connection that pushes me along.
    And thanks for sharing such a great post.

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  13. ipeniwrite says:

    That’s a rare place to draw inspirations from and it’s beautiful too. I’m delighted you could relate to my post. You are welcome more often Wuh-faa 🌸

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  14. JM Stories says:

    This made me teary, I have been in a bad job for years and am finally taking action, but it’s so overwhelming to fear the unknown.

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  15. ipeniwrite says:

    Aww..I admire your courage and I pray the unknown becomes the best you ever had..thank you for reading πŸ™‚


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