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Comment or Tag the blog/blogger that inspires you.

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I want to know what my fellow bloggers feed their thoughts on. I want to be challenged by beautiful minds too.

If your blog inspires you to blog, do tag or comment your site name. I’d love to read your beautiful posts and reblog them on here.

Tag as many as there are that inspires you. Words, photography, art, fashion, vlogs or any genre of your choice, do tag. Would really appreciate your wonderful thoughts. Thank you. Have a blessed day šŸŒø


Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2016.


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  1. captainjaq says:

    I don’t read any blogs regularly, but there are a few writing blogs I follow, like Chuck Wendig, The Passive Guy and John Scalzi, as well as geeky news sites like, i09 and The Mary Sue

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  2. ipeniwrite says:

    Thank you so much…would have a read šŸ™‚

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  3. Dan Lagess says:

    Hey, I’d say my influence is John Gruber of You can also check out my blog at

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  4. ipeniwrite says:

    Aww bless..thank you..would visit yours too


  5. DonN says:

    Thanks for the visit! Keep up the good work.

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  6. noblethemes says:

    Here is a ‘taste’ of the talent of Jacqueline C. Nash:
    You’ll want to explore more of her micropoetry, I’m sure. Happy reading! šŸ˜‰

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  7. ipeniwrite says:

    Soo beautiful..thank you for sharing šŸ’™

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  8. noblethemes says:

    You are quite welcome! šŸ˜‰

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  9. tylor77 says:

    I find a lot of inspiration from the idea of writing in itself. Although I am still establishing an identity and even a general theme I have a tendency to go around in circles or get a little down in the dumps and dump into my writing. When I need an interesting read I follow Artistes et Les Humains written by K. J. Cordova. My page is hope you find something you like and/or share.

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  10. ipeniwrite says:

    It’s okay to go around in circles until you find what appeals to you and also the genre you are comfortable writing. Thank you for leaving a comment. I’ll visit your page and share in your ideas too.


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