Supreme imitation

The only authentic idea there is, is ‘nothing‘ as nothing sprouts from nothing. Every new idea is a replica of one that hasn’t been made to exist (still in thoughts and minds of roaming people)  and also that which has already been made.

Black & White. Anonymous. Layers. Hats. Ghosts. Fashion. Art. Message. Boots. Model. Three. Modern.:

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We talk about change. Ideas, perceptions, goals, theories, beliefs and so on, are all made alive to bring about change. Change is a supreme imitation which can be forged.

There are many people out there whose ideas sprout from others, of course this is our existence. It is human evolution. There are authentic outcomes that are brought about from pre-existing notions and experiences. In fact there are people who are weak at creating something tangible that has never been done before and there are those of us who are the opposite. This blog post relates to the former.

Facebook. We can all talk about it’s originality, and yes it is truly original. One man came up with the idea of a convenient means of communication which was totally different from what it used to be back in time, but do you think he was the only one who thought of a way for humans to communicate better?  There are many instances of brilliant innovations that have been put to place today by geniuses and these geniuses, we sometimes forget are humans too. Whatsoever they’ve put out like I said is a replica of one that hasn’t been made to exist (still in thoughts and minds of roaming people)  and also that which has already been made.

Most of us have role models, people that inspire us in different ways, people we look up to, tutors, teachers and what have you, but we fail most times to realize that we can gain those attributes we see in them in better ways, not necessarily the exact same way they put it out, but in ways that are more authentic and supreme.

I learn more from me by hearing and reading about other peoples’ experiences. I put words together when I’m inspired by the way others write sometimes. I mimic what others do with a bit of my own spice whilst giving credit to them. This doesn’t make me unoriginal, it only makes my own imitation supreme.

Are you more of a supreme imitator or an original creator? where does your ideas sprout from? I’d like to know dear bloggers.

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2016.



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  1. chrisdavies09 says:

    Probably an originator. Not many people have researched whether there is a relationship between European and African languages, which is what I am blogging about. A couple of well known and highly respected professors have treated my ideas with contempt in private correspondence. But I remain undeterred. Originators go against the grain and can face hostility and intense criticism. Or are at least often misunderstood. So they have to be rather thick-skinned and not care too much about what others think. Which means those who prefer the comfort of the herd are often imitators and not originators.

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  2. ipeniwrite says:

    Preferring the comfort of the herd is different from breeding a different kind of herd from the ones you have already. The latter is what I blogged about. The supreme imitators not imitators. I guess it feels different from your own point of view being an originator, being strong-willed and not shaken. Good luck with your blog Chris and thank you for sharing your thoughts on here🌸

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  3. Schnauzevoll says:

    I think everyone is a bit of both… And that is good, we need inspiration, be it from people, nature, art – something to get us start thinking and creating…

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  4. ipeniwrite says:

    I believe so too..thank you for reading 🌸


  5. Sisi Akowe says:

    It’s okay to imitate people you look up too but not excessively that you loose your creativity in the process. It basically helps you master the art and soon enough, you’ll discover yourself!

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  6. ipeniwrite says:

    That is true..well thought🌸..thank you for your insight 🌸


  7. D'Dream says:

    I believe inspiration and creativity does not exists in isolation. Just like a cobweb, interwoven with such intricacies however the dilemma is not to get so caught up in the webs that we lose touch of our individuality.

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  8. ipeniwrite says:

    That’s thought-provoking..thank you for sharing your view on this subject 🌸


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