Blogging Series 1: Politics in chaos, but hope must prevail (Great Britain)

by Laurence Howell.

Anyone even briefly analyzing the global political landscape over the last year or so could be easily forgiven for not being filled with too much optimism for our future, with many paying close attention to the recent discovery of a second Earth, eagerly waiting to see how much a single ticket will be.

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Firstly, though I thought it would be interesting to analyse France’s recent banning of the Burkini and look at some of the flawed reasoning for it. The French government claim that the burqa and burkini are a security risk as they allow citizens to be concealed, but the same isn’t being said for motorcycle helmets or habits of other religions. To me this is a religious profiling of every Muslim, as a dangerous extremist that the public should be paranoid of being blown up by, perhaps the event that this paranoia stems from is the mass shootings in Paris on November 13th of 2015. Isis claimed responsibility for the attack, but the West’s response to this has been extremely reactionary and evidenced double standards. Whilst pretty much the entirety of the leaders of EU member states came together to mourn this terrible attack, which it was, no such unity was shown with the victims of the July 3rd 2016 Karrada bombing in Baghdad. This attack was also carried out by Isis. Since the Paris attacks the West have instigated a bombing strategy in Syria in response, this to me shows the callousness and hypocrisy of many Western political leaders, who empathize and mourn the dead but pursue policies in response that result in even more innocent death.

Someone who stands opposed to the actions of these Western leaders is one who gives hope to me and many others, Jeremy Corbyn. A conviction politician, who guides his policies on whats best for the people of the world rather than what will make him look like a strong a powerful leader and gain support in a largely corrupt media. Arrested for his anti-apartheid views in 1984, frequently criticized for his support of political negotiations in Ireland rather than continuing the violence and a staunch opponent of the Iraq war. Corbyn’s humanitarian principles are something which are seen as the antithesis to a lot of modern day leaders. The smear campaign that has been run by a number of Labour MP’s, predominantly run out of Alistair Campbell’s PR office, creates the image in my mind of “don’t promise that you’ll make us look bad”. But despite all that’s been thrown at him Corbyn by the media and those like Eagle and Benn, he still hasn’t resigned and is fighting strong against Owen Smith in the leadership election. In fact, one of the biggest victories is moving the party to the left as the opposition candidate has had to adopt many of the same policies as him in order to appeal to the growing membership who support socialist principles. One thing is clear, the membership are tired of spin and career politicians and so if they elect Owen Smith he must prove those such as myself who tar him with this brush and stick to the positions he has claimed during the leadership election, otherwise he will face mass scrutiny from them.

Disclaimer: This piece was originally written by Laurence Howell and this is one of the media he chose to air his personal opinion regarding British politics. No parts were added by me or anyone. 

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2016.



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  1. It’s not encouraging that Europe suffers from the same hyperbole from sympathizing egocentric idiots within their national narratives. Common tactic #1 whether your a politician or extremist, attack the victim.
    Keep in mind that these attacks are perpetrated by Muslims within western states. Christians, Jews, Buddhist etc do not have a history of forming groups with the intent of traveling to other countries to blow themselves and others up with explosives.
    Folks will say its a response to invasions by foreign military. Bullshit, it’s cowardice for folks who are to weak to challenge their own government and so they lash out at the very folks who are killing those that oppress them. It’s ignorance, try taking your rainbow flags and woman’s rights chants and matching down the streets of any of these countries. Organize yourself and migrate over to the Middle East to protest in the streets. I think not.
    I’m not advocating violence, we should leave those countries militarily. We have failed politically on a miserable level. Remember though, these folks have let their countries be overtaken by violent men, seeing that their theocracies, their religion has been taken over by violent men. This is when a nation ceases to be a nation and a religion ceases to be a religion. Any measure taken to protect innocent western citizens from extremist and their sympathizers is justified.
    Good day

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  2. When you say “these folks have let their countries be overtaken by violent men” i think its a bit harsh for you to say that they have “let” their countries be taken over. In regards to ISIS in particular, they go round the villages rounding people up and telling them that if they do not conform then they and their family will be shot. I feel like you misunderstand me, i have no sympathy for ISIS, i have sympathy for their victims which believe it or not are largely Muslims who like the westerners you say should be protected are “innocent”. Therefore western full scale invasions in countries such as Iraq and the bombing campaigns in Syria take a populous of citizens who like you say do not enjoy a lot of the same civil liberties we are very privileged to hold, make their lives even worse by blowing apart their cities and killing their relatives. In this situation governments, which i am sure you would classify as “christian”, are claiming to fight ISIS but doing the exact same thing as them “traveling (sic) to other countries to blow themselves and others up with explosives”. Remember as citizens we vote the people in power who are doing the bombing, they don’t have that choice but are still the ones having their lives obliterated.

    I would also say that a lot of radical islamist groups benefit very well off of our government having such an ignorant and narrow minded strategic approach, it makes it much much easier for them to create the narrative of war between east and west. It also should be noted that Western aggression helps aid ISIS’ recruitment, if you are an innocent civilian and you have just had your house and family blown up by a foreign interventionist, you are much more likely to have feelings of wanting to go to war with the west than if they were the ones holding a hand out in support.

    Finally, if i can beg off you something it would be to put down your Daily Mail, get some understanding of global politics and from that stop only showing empathy for one side of the world. i am interested to read your reply.

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