Blogging series 2: The broken man

by Tom junior

Image result for broken man in black and white

Picture gotten from-Brokenabstract

The broken man laid in his room
He starred at the ceiling and created his own stars
He engulfed himself in the warmth of his hand
He ignored the pains and survived, but never forgot what caused him pain.

The broken man wiped the unending tears from his eyes
He walked up to the wall and turned on the light
He walked to the mirror and smiled in delight
What a beautiful soul full of tears and so much pain?
What a beautiful soul that was all he could say.

The broken man picked up his pieces
Broke them further and put them in places
He allowed his tears mend them
He promised never to be called the broken man again.

The broken man was mended
Despite the dark room he found light
Despite his cloaked eyes he created with stars
Despite the battered life he found his peace
All these came true, he was determined, focused and willing to let go of the past and all he had believed in.

Part 1: contributed by Marvel Augustine

After all the pain the broken man had been through,

he searched for amendments,

even though he was ignorant that mending one’s self could be done by himself.

 After many years of searching, he created a world of his own.

Hell knew him but he didn’t give up,

determined not to be called the broken man ever again.

Disclaimer: This piece was originally written by Tom Junior and part contributed by Marvel Augustine. No parts were added by me . 

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2016.


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  1. Very well written (y)

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  2. Anonymous says:


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  3. willenajeane says:

    So good, thanks for posting this.

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  4. Well-handled writing. Simple statements have more impact than an elaborate discourse.

    Most of us have to be broken and put together by themselves several times.

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  5. Tom jnr says:

    yeah the best u can do is to keep ya head when you are broken and mend yourself cause no one can mend you

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  6. Tom jnr says:

    yeah thanks Alan the best you can do is to keep your head up when you are broken pick up the pieces and mend yourself cause no one can mend you

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