They say something about writers that I often believe isn’t untrue. You can tell the kind of life they live from their words, what they feel and how they feel. Although, most people often refer to actions as being the loudest amongst written words, I read patterns from crossed ‘Ts’ and dotted ‘Is’. Some would rather kill you and bury their guilt in words than stand up against you and utter a word. This is an example of balance I suppose.

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What makes you you?

I’d like to be blunt. Think bluntly too dear reader.

This question should pop up every now and then in your daily life.

What makes you feel true, not what makes you feel like you should be some type of way. Not that stereotype kind of person. I’m not asking about the you you feel you should change to suit a particular circle or person. What is it that genuinely makes you smile, makes you get up in the morning and feel purposeful? What is it you feel you should be doing rather than which you are doing for a certain reason best known to you? The day you get the true answer to that question that is the very day you begin to live a life full of value. A life with so much to offer and less to ask from.

Most people up until their late forties suffer from identity crisis, not knowing where they belong or what it is they are truly living for. Others either just go with life or are very certain of what it is they ought to build for and lose as life goes on. Whichever way it is that we are climbing the ladder, we as individuals all get to that point where we stop and process it all. We reflect and make changes. The only difference is that these changes either gets worse or better. Creating a balance with life helps weed out the unnecessary, it humbles our little beginnings and keeps us woke.

Become a student over and over

Ryan Holiday, the author of the book ‘Ego is the enemy’ described one of the reasons for prolonged success in most moguls and successful people that have lived and still is, is cultivating the habit of re-learning. It might not be the best advise but going back and learning the basis of what brought you farther than ever and applying them over and over makes you the best at what you do. It humbles you enough to also learn from others and realize how much the foundation play a bigger role in sustaining timely success.

Energy is an investment

What you place value in is where you spend most of your time. To create balance, energy must be of value too. This determines where that ladder you’re climbing is heading to. Do you spend most of your time investing in people who are less invested in you? You’ll find that you’ll be losing yourself in the process. Do you make time for things that will develop your mind and encourage you to live healthier and happier? The results won’t lie at all as you’ll find yourself growing and developing from stage to stage. Energy is a heavy investment that determines where you’ll be in years to come. Invest wisely and you’ll find your reap to be solely built upon what you made time for.

There are many ways to enlarge your horizon and still be in balance, when you begin answering the first question asked in this piece “what makes you you?” you’ll find that initial step to help you put it all together and move on from there.

I’d like you to share with me ways that you create balance for yourself and your inner mind in the comment box. Thank you.

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2016.




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  1. noblethemes says:

    I’m afraid I must confess that I really do not have proper balance in my life … and so your article really hits hard, but in an advantageous way. Honestly, I hope to be able to at least begin to offer an answer your question in the near future. Thank you for your article! All the best to you w/blessings!

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  2. Subhash Iyer says:

    I think detachment is the key to balance – both within the mind and outside. When you tell yourself that nothing is so important that you have to lose your cool over, when you look at at yourself as that tiny insignificant spec in this vast universe, you start paying too much attention to one aspect of yourself and distribute your time and mindspace on those several things that you’d like to do.

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  3. Subhash Iyer says:

    Oops…. Please read as stop paying and not start paying….

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  4. ipeniwrite says:

    Recognising imbalance is a start to getting the question answered and I’m glad my post helped you reflect. Thank you for reading🌸

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  5. ipeniwrite says:

    I believe so too. It allows for self-appreciation and value. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts on this piece 😊


  6. candidkay says:

    The older I get, the more I realize balance comes from enough alone time that I can fill my tanks. In the rush of life and being productive, we’ve lost our moodling time.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. ipeniwrite says:

    That is true for many dear. Thank you for sharing your thoughts 🌸


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