What ‘they’ won’t tell you about failure.

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First of all, everyone preaches these days about success without addressing the odds of what’s likely to happen if it isn’t attained. Most times, people that fail to talk about failure have been winning their whole life and other times the rest are those that hide their failures or just don’t talk about them.

Before you think of turning down a decision, request or an action, the major force that propels you to drop it is the voice in your head saying “NO! I can’t do this because I’m afraid of not doing it right” or “NO! it’s not going to happen because I’ll end up failing anyway”. It’s never necessarily the fact that we can’t do it, but the thought that propels this fact.

Some of us have always been a substance of failure, or was born to be told that we’ll never make it. A few others just choose to settle with failing because it’s become a comfort zone over time. However, success has been constantly fed into our ears in every corner we seek for a push that no one really points out the effects of failing. Not to say that failing is a good thing when really we should be aiming for sky high, but to enlighten your mind on how failing appreciates success more and keeps it longer than those who haven’t had their first fall.

Here are what people don’t stress on when they talk about failure;

  • Nobody is immune to it- Even the greatest falls, those who are used to success fail. So, quit thinking that failure is for losers or to re-frame that, quit seeing yourself as one.
  • Failure gives value- Think of the last time you failed an exam or you were reprimanded by your boss about a meeting. You’ll tend to be more present, more attentive and willing to learn more than when you were about the life of getting it right all the time. Sometimes, failing makes you love what you really hate because of the focus you lay on it.
  • Failure is unmeasurable success not attained yet- Most legendary stories of people who went from nothing to elite were never told without the words “tried and tried again”, “Never gave up” “Hoped” “Failed”. Of course everyone’s success story is different but with most, you can read patterns that got them to where they got to. These are the principles that prepare you for the big deal. Therefore, I urge you to embrace failure if you find yourself in the position, accept it but never admit that you are.

Are there more things about failure that you think people really don’t emphasize on? Have you got any success story to share from having failed once or more than in your life? I’d love to know in the comment section dear reader. Thank you.

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2017.


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  1. heartsinink says:

    Read almost all of your post since I found you,,,thanks for the follow and I’ll really like you to be featured on my blog, if you want. It’s quite really new and I’m still learning, but It really makes me happy. Can I contact you?

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  2. ipeniwrite says:

    Thank you for reading dear. That’s an exciting request I wouldn’t want to turn down. Email me (ipeniwrite@gmail.com) on what your ideas are so we can go from there. Thank you🌸

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  3. heartsinink says:

    Yea, great! Would do dat

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  4. azzamatazzy says:

    Just what I needed to read. Thank-you

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  5. ipeniwrite says:

    I’m glad you found this too🌸

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  6. nice blog u have here..😊..keep blogging, will be following u…

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  7. Dana Davis says:

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    The Messages of the Youth!

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  8. Hey great read! I definitely feel as a recent college graduate that failures of post graduate is something often not mentioned. I know everyone success story is not the same but sometimes I can’t help but to feel as though, I’m just constantly failing at this stage of my life.


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