Clingy girl problems: 5 main problems

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Clingy girls often wonder how girls that spend weeks and months away from their men survive. Other times they question why some girls that claim to be in love are so attached to privacy. How these other girls don’t talk about their men to their friends or even family, they ponder on what a few girls view as normal.

I was once a clingy girl, I bought into the idea that one has to think about their man like he were their favourite food, that every single time kind of thinking. It was more like craving someone when they aren’t there and even more when they are present. Being clingy made me less gullible to and very repellent of other men. It made me believe in soul mates. It made me believe in being in love.

Transiting from clinginess however, taught me one or two things about myself, it helped me understand men and at the same time understand the importance of space in any given relationship.

Here’s a list of problems you may find with a clingy girl;

  1. A girl who is clingy may befriend everything of yours ranging from what you love doing to what you find unbearable. She may want to be friends with all your friends and family members. She may want to be involved in your hobbies as well.
  2. A clingy girl is very inquisitive. She’d like to know what, why, when, how and where you get involved with things. This may not necessarily be in a bad way but most times it is her own way of caring and looking out for you.
  3. She may be impossibly into you and may seldom feel a bit left out when you prioritize something you enjoy doing or other people you enjoy hanging out with over her.
  4. If you’re in it with a clingy girl you may eventually realize how gradually your lives begin to intertwine. Your daily routine may begin to revolve around hers as she may eat deeply into yours with time. You both will have five or more things only you both are peculiar with (may be a phrase, code, people, places or even slangs).
  5. A clingy girl finds it okay to invade your privacy (as in her head, what’s yours is hers).

Most men may find these problems as no problem in the start of a relationship however, most are often worn out after they realize that their girl may not necessarily stop being herself. Although clingy girls are hardly talked out of their relationships and are mostly trustworthy and open minded, they may on the long run become toxic to their men. This toxicity may be caused by the accumulation of lies and unnecessary fights brewed by their men in order to have their own space and avoid being suffocated.

Some clingy girls repel their men in future and may often push them to derive excitement from staying clear from them which may not necessarily happen with the intention to hurt them.

Being clingy is one good way to stay in love but it is also important to enjoy your own space and build in it when in a relationship.

Have you ever been a clingy girl? or do you think you currently can relate to some of these problems? Is your girl clingy? I’d love to know what you’re thinking in the comment section dear reader. I’d love you to add to the list as well if you are aware of any more problems. Thank you.

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2017.


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  1. I’ve never understood clingy girls, because I’m one of those people who crave privacy. It doesn’t mean I don’t love (hard), I just cannot “dedicate” myself in ways that clingy girls do. But hey … Live and let live, right? It’s not my business anyway! 🙂 Great post, I loved reading!

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  2. Unfortunately, I am a clingy girl. Kind of. And he has totally fucked me off from his life. He doesn’t want me to see telling me he want his personal space.
    But I really don’t understand why is he ending everything, it feels he is running away. I am broken. Shattered.

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  3. ipeniwrite says:

    We girls are a variety! aren’t we? hehe.. like you said live and let live, what rocks your boat matters. Thank you for leaving this here dear 🙂

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  4. ipeniwrite says:

    Awww poor you. I’m in no place to give you the best advice dear. Find time to reflect on all you’ve been doing wrong and “right” it by investing more time on yourself dear. A man who truly loves you will stick with you even if he runs away for a while dear. You matter as well 🙂 . I appreciate your vulnerability and I hope and wish you the best in all. Thank you for sharing this

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  5. Thank you. Usually, I don’t open myself on these blogs and all but it just kinda perfectly matched my situation so I broke.
    Anyway, thanks for your words. I know when I was right and wrong. I also apologized a lot. But it’s like, if someone has already made their mind to get lost, you can’t do anything.
    I’ll be fine. 🙂

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  6. I like my space and never been the clingy sort. I crave my space to be able to think.

    I would like to invite you to my monthly blog party taking place right now.

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  7. Used to be. Then I grew up lol

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  8. I’m in love with one. She’s perfect for me. She’s my source of motivation especially when she’s around.


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