Frightening the challenges that come with tomorrow

For Millennials-


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We will all grow to a point where we learn not to lie against ourselves, where we will all outgrow our humble beginnings. We will reach a point of satiety in our lives one way or the other, where we fear less about what we used to hesitate to question. Growing out of reach and building with both whole and broken pieces.

As we grow (not age), the descendants of unclarity begin to die out. Purpose becomes priority and questions you find yourself often asking begin to get answered by your motives, time input and resources available to you. Sometimes the cost will be tied to falling out with certain herds, sometimes the cost may fall to alone times you spend reflecting and sometimes it may even cost you losing yourself in the process. How you make your journey and the most you make out of it depends on your plans, ties and decisions. Being tenacious may become somewhat necessary in times openness is as well. The thirst for pride, ego and attention will kick in every now and then. You trust less, you create more and you begin to despise healthy criticism, which is all human nature.

However, curbing and managing attributes that are distasteful to your growing process allows for maximum control of your potential. It puts you in a place where you regard everyone as equal, a place where you can welcome respect as you give it.

You are in charge of your life. You are the key to every problem you are facing even if those problems are triggered and caused by people. The moment you realize how important you are to your own journey, the more time you invest in your growth allowing others identify with and fall into your space (the right people of course). No matter how many promises you’ve made for tomorrow, tomorrow doesn’t know that. Tomorrow promises nothing and at the same time allows you make it everything you can with its sweet and bitter nature. Tomorrow allows and warns you to prepare and that’s why working on self is crucial.

Think about it like this, if all conditions are met with you (i.e you’ve grown ready for tomorrow), the challenges that come with tomorrow wouldn’t frighten you even if it may break or make you.

Learn to invest your energy in positive attributes necessary to withstand the tomorrow you don’t know.


Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2017.



“Pay attention to your faults, they may turn out to be your strengths.”

Dyna Ekwueme

How soon I got compelled by my failures to set compromises in this life of mine. Putting confusion to my doubts to clarify my existence and sole purpose of living. The past three months was crafted in a way I never imagined it to be. I wouldn’t say that I’ve been sailing smooth but rather I’m at that point on the sea where I don’t need a compass anymore to get to my destination.

I want us to realize that no matter how much people believe in us, when we fail to believe in ourselves in the process, whatsoever our target is becomes a threat to us. I’ve realized alot about myself, my weaknesses and better ways to work on them. Something about geniune laughter and good company that makes me grow, something about reaching to others in ways they least thought you would. I realized how simple we can make our lives be just by letting ourselves be in control.

These past few months made me bitter and better at the same time. I listened to silence more than I did to people, I loved more and let more go. I’ve been to people and places in search of answers and wise vibes I don’t get everyday. I’ve grown wild, wilder and back to mild. Nothing brought me better joy than these gone days.

I found connection with God in times that I thought he wouldn’t listen. I got back up after a huge fall by putting myself out there and grasping every single opportunity that came my way, to breathe. It’s not a shame to me, it’s an adventure I got from self-exploration. I believe in everyone who believes in themselves and let others believe in them too. I believe in a human so imperfectly perfect seeking self improval. I believe in you.

I’ve been more than vulnerable. How have you been dear fellow bloggers?

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.

Summer as a carer

Each day I go to work is a different day entirely. There is always something new to learn, another war story to hear, another rare life to know about, something we could regard as insane now to wow at. Most days I come home happy and other days it ends sad. Whatever the case may be, I’m sure to learn something new every time I go to work. Working as a care assistant for an agency has exposed me to little towns around Brighton, far east and far west, it made me realize how a lot of  families that have got elderly people are dependent of care homes to aid them look after their own. It has broadened my understanding about what the outside world looks like when it comes to some disabilities and genetic diseases and most of all it has drawn me closer to what I have always wanted to do my whole life, look after the old.

Yes,I know it’s an odd thing to be passionate about but it’s a wonderful experience and joy to make an old person happy, think about your grand ma/pa! Some people would be wandering what I do for 12 hours with old people, isn’t it boring? No it isn’t. The truth is that some times I spend an extra hour with them before going home. Old folks are the sweetest people to be with if you are willing to have patience with them, think of a matured baby who knows more than you do. They are the easiest people to talk and relate with no matter where you think you are from. When they tell stories, it feels so natural, so doable with no forms of exaggeration. When I found this job, it took me back to what I had always wanted and I’m sure not looking back to anything else other than geriatrics.

Once, a 98 year old woman told me how she eloped at 19 years of age to go marry her boyfriend, they were wedded by a bishop in London and they moved to Scotland because of the war between Germany and England. They settled there and had kids. She told me of her attachment to her church and how the church brought her up. She wrote too. Poems of everything and anything that she caught sight of. No one really took her writings seriously, she said, but never for once did she stop writing. She owned a farm and reared 72 cows with her husband and children. I told her that I write too and she was amazed. I could see through her smile that she was much delighted to must have met a girl who does the same thing she did. After I had told her so, she reached for a big album that looked like a picture album. This woman had written 1000 poems from when she was little to her very age and her family had made an album for them. I was short of words. I started skimming through and tried reading one of it which was titled “the same old theatre”. What shocked me more was that she recited it along with me and I asked her how she was able to do that at her age and she said to me “imaginations are lies but reality is a tale”.

I would never forget her. I was pained that I wasn’t posted at her care home the next day and more pained still that I still haven’t been posted there. She was the sweetest thing I ever met, she never gave me an advise but I take her life as one. I can’t put down the whole conversation we had on here because it was more than just words. I had been taken to the earliest 1990’s with her story,her life was an inspiration and I’m glad to must have met her and cared for her.

If you enjoy what you do even with all bitter sides, you would always find good in it. I am happy to must have worked and still working as a carer this summer. School starts in two weeks plus and I’ll so miss doing this 5 days a week and 12 hours for 24. This is my career passion and working as a carer is just a foundation to more.

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.