Sedative sentiments

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Let’s awaken the grieve of Joy,

the little laughs with babies, foe and your toy.

We can be generous with words,

writing with rhymes against all odds.


Here’s my token of wealth,

here’s love, happiness and my skin the way it’s felt.

Could I wander in your tones of delight?

your selfish looks and chin that will drop in my plight?


I want us to write in this kind of poems,

send love and hopefully one day, we make them under these elms.

We are both heavy with choice, the one to receive, the one to send.

I don’t want this fate, this rush nor this blush to end.


We will chase these little ones soon,

in cloudy, rainy and sunny days and bloom.

We will hold hands with peace, with soul and a dance.

I wish these all, in words would be our chance.

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2017


A poem for self- millennial poetry


Remind me who takes it all at last,

the cries, the shame, worries and joys in the past.

These ones never heard of you,

the whole, priceless yet worthy of a true.


I didn’t need you when I needed to pray,

to wear my make-up, spray and slay.

Who left my name in your mouth?

with your opinions stinging and stinking like gout.


Can I say a word or two?

about myself, my worth, the way I eat too.

It’s not my taste for men you despise so,

but the way I love and love me to toe.


Life without me is like no life

no star, no queen, less diamonds, no wife.

I’ll pay my weaknesses with strength and love

nevertheless, these words won’t stall or put me off.




Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2016.



Blogging series 2: The broken man

by Tom junior

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Picture gotten from-Brokenabstract

The broken man laid in his room
He starred at the ceiling and created his own stars
He engulfed himself in the warmth of his hand
He ignored the pains and survived, but never forgot what caused him pain.

The broken man wiped the unending tears from his eyes
He walked up to the wall and turned on the light
He walked to the mirror and smiled in delight
What a beautiful soul full of tears and so much pain?
What a beautiful soul that was all he could say.

The broken man picked up his pieces
Broke them further and put them in places
He allowed his tears mend them
He promised never to be called the broken man again.

The broken man was mended
Despite the dark room he found light
Despite his cloaked eyes he created with stars
Despite the battered life he found his peace
All these came true, he was determined, focused and willing to let go of the past and all he had believed in.

Part 1: contributed by Marvel Augustine

After all the pain the broken man had been through,

he searched for amendments,

even though he was ignorant that mending one’s self could be done by himself.

 After many years of searching, he created a world of his own.

Hell knew him but he didn’t give up,

determined not to be called the broken man ever again.

Disclaimer: This piece was originally written by Tom Junior and part contributed by Marvel Augustine. No parts were added by me . 

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2016.

Obese: Poem of mayhem

external image obese-child-in-india.jpg                                                                       Picture gotten fromFuzzyScience

Every image, Every print

a reflection of itself yet not so unreal

the passer-by’s give me a name

scales fail to tell them the truth

I’m not the one who caused the excess

neither do my presence suffocate yours

Unfair, unfair when I look at you and then me

or when you look at me and still stare

My wobbling shadows are now scarecrows

grown ups call me fat, they underestimate what’s beneath

they pry in my strengths and feed on my weaknesses

skinny and average fools!

They forget that life isn’t always where life is,

I exist so they don’t go extinct

I am only a bigger reflection of how they are meant to be

They forget me so much that I lose some of me bit by bit.

But none of that changes what I look forward to

I still cherish my favourite biscuits and chocolates

My every lazy days, dragging my feet and snoring out loud at night

Days I giggle to every tickle

places I forget that I’m obese

Moments I see order in my every said disorder.  .

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.

Toxic? #9

What prevents your heart from sucking up good? What are those weeds that you cultivate amongst the pure seeds that grow in your heart? Are they people, things or emotions? If yes, they are what I call toxic.

It’s an impossible feeling not to get attracted to things that make us feel like we are on top of the world. That we could be more. More than what we are, more than what others think of us. Our creator has made us and nature so simple and perfect in his own eyes, but we choose to decipher what isn’t. we have recycled nature and ourselves in the name of looking for perfection. We were all born with nothing, nothing good or bad but we’ve all been given a choice to live right and good. Sometimes, those choices break us. We mend and choose to break again, not because we love mistakes but because our mistakes have intoxicated us.

If we can get attracted to toxic people, things and feelings, we can also reject them in the same way. We can push them away to get the best in us. We can sacrifice our time and energy for good people, things and feelings. We can choose to live right and walk with dignity. You would wonder how? How could that be? Yes you can! how couldn’t it? Abort the fear of being talked about, the fear of stagnancy and pride. Leave behind people that feed you with negativity and focus more on positive living.

You could be someone else’s poison unknowingly, but that is only when you choose to be toxic and let others intoxicate you. Prove your spirit wrong today because it has given you the chance to. I know today has been more revealing than any other day for me and am happy for saying yes to good. what do you say yes to today? Share with us in the reply box below. Thank you.


Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.



Love #5

From a garden behind

What holds us, love. The commitment you give to your work is for love, the things we fight for in life is all because of love. Different religions all preach love, nothing else and we all would die for love.

This should have been my new beginning (#1) in this journey, but it all started to make more sense now, that’s why it fell into place today. We all see things differently, we perceive stereotypes of both common and uncommon situations differently that is the reason why love is abused. If only we can understand each other’s struggle, pain, ignorance and perception, I wouldn’t embark on this journey. If only we never grow out of love into hate and anxiety, our stories would all be the same. But in the end? Love conquers, it thrives to create bonds like no other. It waits patiently for you. For you to recognize your faults, for you to love again. Love is inevitable, it is immortal. We all are ensnared by love and that’s why we show kindness and compassion to people/things we know and don’t know.

I woke up today, mind blocked and not knowing what to share with you, then I asked myself again why am doing this and realized that it was all for love. Self love and my love for you reading this piece. I want to use this opportunity to thank you once more for being part of this. You are love and you are loved.

Tell us what you have gained so far in this journey and how it has changed your thinking in the comment box below. Thank you.


Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.

Impotency #3

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True act of goodness is seen not read or said. It possesses you like no other. Your heart radiates with words that heal and mend.You give genuine compliments and share laughter with strangers and friends. Even when you thread on sour souls, you are never diluted, you outshine. Remember that one person that was good to you, that one person you wished everyone in the world was like. Did they bluff to you how good they were?

We all have something that we are good at no matter how little. Today is an opportunity to use our flairs to influence and to impact. No matter how busy or restrained our lives are we can still help ourselves by helping others. It could be in your room, work place, mall, street, hospital, studio or even in a park, you can project goodness. Give compliments, lend a helping hand, donate to charity bodies, sign up/apply for voluntary works, give positive advice, show respect and love and most importantly wear that smile of yours everywhere you go.

You can only be impotent in doing good, when you do no good. I know. I know it’s arduous putting yourself out there, it’s becoming harder to refrain from what’s not good for your spirit, but still bear it. I gain an exciting feeling that I want more every time I say to someone “you look beautiful today” and they reciprocate with a frank smile and a “thank you”. It pushes me to do more, honestly. That’s a gain, a good diet to my spirit.

It’s day 3 and am wandering what has kept you going, please share with us. Thank you.


Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.