Do you ever listen to your own repetitive connections at 03:00 am too?

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I’m starting to think imaginations are art. I’m starting to love the entangling emotions built from it. How strangely I could be fluid and solid like an umelted candle at the same time. I’m starting to feel all the same.

Yesterday, I thought. The day before I did too and many days and months before then again, I’ve been thinking. How would someone like you meet me? Would it be spontaneous, would be soft or angry? Would it be in a crowded room or when I’m by myself. That’s the scary part of thinking. I don’t want to be ready. I want to be with myself in full, in love, vulnerable and loud. I want us to meet unforced just like the universe has been with me lately. No mind games, no holding back. I like the modern approach, the evolution of it all. Descriptive dialogues and unending gist of our taste in music, books, movies and other people, what we worry about when it gets dark. Tell me where else you would be when you’re not with me.


When you’re here, your past is. The darkness of it won’t scare my love, I pray. The time you choose to be weak, I’ll be strong, I pray. The time you’d change, I’d learn to adapt, I pray. These are not my affirmations, they are hopefully who I’ll grow to be for me and for you until that “someday”. I believe our feet have come across same footpaths more than twice, I believe time is keeping you for magic. You are a future to wait for.

Keep yourself for me.

Nwoke’m (Igbo translation for “my man”)

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2017.


Impotency #3

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True act of goodness is seen not read or said. It possesses you like no other. Your heart radiates with words that heal and mend.You give genuine compliments and share laughter with strangers and friends. Even when you thread on sour souls, you are never diluted, you outshine. Remember that one person that was good to you, that one person you wished everyone in the world was like. Did they bluff to you how good they were?

We all have something that we are good at no matter how little. Today is an opportunity to use our flairs to influence and to impact. No matter how busy or restrained our lives are we can still help ourselves by helping others. It could be in your room, work place, mall, street, hospital, studio or even in a park, you can project goodness. Give compliments, lend a helping hand, donate to charity bodies, sign up/apply for voluntary works, give positive advice, show respect and love and most importantly wear that smile of yours everywhere you go.

You can only be impotent in doing good, when you do no good. I know. I know it’s arduous putting yourself out there, it’s becoming harder to refrain from what’s not good for your spirit, but still bear it. I gain an exciting feeling that I want more every time I say to someone “you look beautiful today” and they reciprocate with a frank smile and a “thank you”. It pushes me to do more, honestly. That’s a gain, a good diet to my spirit.

It’s day 3 and am wandering what has┬ákept you going, please share with us. Thank you.


Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.