Happy women’s Day

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To be here, to join hands and to murmur what it’s like to feel this way. To feel like a woman that I didn’t choose to be but of the nature that chose me.

Here is to all the days and all the nights I stay with me, with womanhood thinking of how big of a smile I should give the next day even whilst groaning in pain. Here’s for now, where neglect and responsibility will cut through deep layers of my skin, yet I’ll stand and be silent of it all. I wish to celebrate everyday for the rest of my life women whose existence have hurt and broken them in ways that can’t be told or written, yet love is all they give.

To women of all colours and roles in life, you are a bold statue that can’t be washed away by lingering figures. You are waterproof and transparent amidst where you think you’ve been. You are still a rose to be admired by men that stand with you. You are deserving of all favours you’ve been turned down. You are all this because you are a woman.

The universe will make love to you in good timing, woman. we will all celebrate the joy and pride of being a woman with you because you are valuable and valid.

I hope you take care of yourself everyday for the rest of your days here. Happy WOMEN’S DAY!

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2016.


Surviving May June

In all, pleasure sorted itself out in dark corners. I had promised my failures that we wouldn’t cross paths again. My timetable never said otherwise. I lost the weak ones. Those who couldn’t keep up with the wind that came after my very own air. I lost friends, made new ones, met him and kept detesting red and black cars. Only lonely knew me, only in that place did I transcend. I survived the wreck of friendships, jealousy and choky presence.

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How did I let it all go?

Life has a way of measuring our good deeds and sewing them back in bit-by-bit in places and times we least expect.

How did I come to accept?

I forgave my wrongs. I set myself free from my own trap. I held onto the light I hadn’t seen yet. It kept me going. It still is.


I had one where I was rejected nine times, never gave up, waited on the last but yet, it still rejected me. Placements were hard to secure, but I did my best applying. I had one where I was hunted by colours, the ones I once loved, owned by people I once loved in a city I’m still totally in love with. I had moments where I crept. School toilets and my bed became more consoling than crowded rooms. I became my own people, more with myself and less of myself with non-appreciative people. Loving and loving the hell out of me.

Exam timetable wasn’t a shock, the distribution of modules in it was.


I’ve never believed in being a geek myself, as I do believe in others. I read through nights and nights and crammed those recommended textbooks through days I’d rather my cosy attic room. I was asked more than once “where’s your life?”, I ignored wandering how they couldn’t see it happening. School became life. It still is. At some point, I found myself in conversations where I turned social dialogues into what I’ve been learning and reading for the past one year. I started eating an apple, green banana and grapes each passing day as I learnt it reduces your risk of getting bowel cancer whilst avoiding trans fat foods and eating a wide variety of foods. * Okay now I’m doing it again on this post*

When you begin to see yourself that way, you begin to feel more, not just about the idea of school but of the existence you can bring from all that you’ve learnt. It’s a beautiful feeling. Learning, practicing and being able to teach others.


For me, I feel as though it isn’t here yet. Been working 12 hours shifts from the friday I wrote my last examination until this very moment that I’m taking a break in a care home. Care assistant.

I’ve thought of dying more than I have of surviving lately, that is why I’ve decided to leave with a purpose, no matter how small.

I just started living.

Tell me what you have survived lately dear reader.

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2016.

5 Courtesies I learnt from the Brits

This is my third year in the United Kingdom but I still do not know the names of the cereals Brits consume on a daily basis. Not like it’s important but it once was when not knowing them embarrassed me at work. I literally left a lady with a pack of cereal unopened and without milk, thinking it was a biscuit. I was totally embarrassed when I was cautioned about it, as the lady in question was really old and knew less about the breakfasts that were served to her.

Anyways, I would be giving you 5 courtesies I admire about British people which is not so common to the place and people I belong to.

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“Yes please”-Unlike now, I’d say to anyone behind the counter wherever I shop ” I’d like a bag” if asked “would you like a bag?”. It’s been 3 years, I’m still trying to get a hang on saying ” yes please” right after I’m asked what I want. Yes! I used the word “still trying to get a hang on” as I seldom forget. It takes me approximately 30 seconds to add “please”  just after saying “yes” which probably says a lot about me to the sales person ( she’s an anti-Brit) lol.

Queuing in turns– 17 years of my life was spent in Aba, Abia state, Nigeria and the least you should ever expect from people living there is order. We hustle for anything and everything including space, lol, as it is a business-minded city, but more like a ghetto. You can imagine going from grass to grace, I found it fascinating to find people who even unknowingly queue up. Although, it took a while to get used to the word “queue” talk more of standing in one, I find it easy to reciprocate when a typical Brit paves way for one. Here in the UK, people are well- mannered when it comes to waiting for a bus, waiting at the bank counter or even in a supermarket. It’s something admirable.

“Smiling back”– “Onye kele sunny, sunny ekele ya”, a proverb in my native dialect (Igbo) which depicts the reciprocation of a greeting when greeted. An elderly person regardless of their relation to you expects you to at least greet them with an “Aunty or uncle or sir” or even some sort of title attached, whenever you see them in Nigeria.That to some extent shows respect and good upbringing to them. However, here in the UK, most people quietly give you a broad smile, which is either plain 🙂 or with their teeth all out :D.

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Visiting Friends– You don’t bugger off to someone’s place in the name of being friends without informing them of your coming. It’s more like intruding someone’s privacy or even disregarding it in some way. I have a childhood friend that lives in the next street back home and whenever it used to be their turn to have light ( NEPA: former power supply in Nigeria) supplied to them, I would always run to her place and she never complained about my uninvited visits. Back then in our area, electricity supply used to be in turns as there were less transformers to step down the main current. Whenever I had light supplied, she never did and vice versa. I’ve now gotten so used to calling or texting before even going to see a neighbor here in the UK.

“Cheers”– It took me probably less than a month to get used to this one :). I found it fancy and less stressful than saying “thank you”. The Brits mostly say it to either show appreciation or just before having a drink and also after toasting to something.  I call it a Brit courtesy because I heard and learnt how to use it here first. I’m not 100% sure of the originators but I like the word.

Although, there are loads of courtesies to adapt from British people, I find these 5 more admirable. I believe if they travel to any country in  Africa and not just Nigeria, they would also have a lot to learn from and adapt to too. What’s the essence of life if not growth? and what waters growth are the little things we learn and do.

Are there any courtesies you found fascinated by as a foreigner in countries you’ve been to? I would love to hear about them. Cheers! 🙂

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2016.

The dance saved for the last fight

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Were we the maiden’s girls?

or just mermaids covered with horse tails?

The goat only bleated once

but twice, there was neither a sound or an ounce

Hurry! babe with those cracking feet

so we could bury their guns and soak their teeth

It’s you who waved defeat to come

and sorrows not done for an untold storm.



I sent my word to the atheist

for his ignorant and rags of pants that frown to exist

I called for a bellow in agony

in exchange for their petty naiveness not money

How many laterns glowed in their caves?

not to talk of their wails, tweets and raves

when would the drummers call the gong man?

so we would dance and dance till night and still tan.



I love the sound of silence

the face we give when in need of its pence

sunsets made us believe. In what?

Parallel token given with tips and a dot

Sing with pride and  white men would dance

Sing alone and ebony would leave you a glance

would you rather I sat here?

near, far or there?

So I could watch the night

and do the dance saved for the last fight.



Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.



365 Days #26

Though the moon it’s time prevails

I know of a festive period

When the tick tocks unending

unmeaning less hour glass abound

from its premier to its 12th ember

Days and weeks are told,

But the sun joins never with the moon.

I hear the farmers call afar

the seasons far affront

My nation calls for renew

yet I remain the same, not for my leap there in.

Love and anxiety cries for a year more

But am no giver, am only nature

still hope and future I be.

Even my revolve I ought not to apprise

It’s summer’s winter again is waded

I am never in a haste to come, to breed?

So wait again, again and again until my shadow amidst

Am here now, forever and ever.

Poem of Hope. I pray each year we are given to live brings grace and bountiful blessings past all our struggles and pain. Feel free to share your own poems and thoughts on today’s reflection. Thank you


Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.

The sixth sense #8

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Sometimes I presume that we don’t mean to judge people, our senses overshadow our hearts. You are standing by a busy street distributing flyers for a special occasion, I guess you would tend to give flyers to those that look good and cheerful than those covered in dirt and rags. You are human and its natural for your five senses to be at alert that time filtering what poses to be bad.

Today I feel sore. I feel like I judged my self, I let my senses over ride my sixth sense, my heart. I traded sin for sin which left me gnashing my teeth with a heavy spirit today. It’s not ordinary, its unforgiveable. I realised that my heart plays a much more vital role when it comes to my decisions, not just what I see, hear, perceive, taste or feel. Every move I make is embedded inside.

The sixth sense, your heart is your palace. Your treasure that shouldn’t be compromised. I want us to always look beyond what our senses tells us when judging people. I urge you to nurture your heart with good and unending kindness. This is a therapy to healing, trust me. I urge you to connect dots with your heart with what you see, hear, taste, perceive and feel, it makes you less prone to judging people and more to putting yourself in their shoes. Everyone is guilty of being a judge over others, but you can still change that about you today.

I am not proud of most things I’ve said and done, but am happy am learning. Discovering every bit that lead to my mistakes and correcting them the best possible way I can. How was your #8 day? please tell us how it’s been for you and  share your thoughts below. Thank you.


Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.