Budapest, Hungary- Four days tour.

Full video coming soon…

…and after fiver years I gathered courage and made time which turned out to be the best since the year started to go visit my secondary school mates and simultaneously tour as well. I hope you enjoy this short clip. Full video coming soon 🙂
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Bones in broken places

…the sunshine they see is a crescent moon in broad day light.

Instagram photo by cupcakesnhandgrenades - Broken in places I didn't know could be broken... The kind of tired you feel in your bones. Sleep won't come. #imjustsodone #lOvedontliveheretonite #hopeless #lost #dontfollowme #iknownothing #ineverdid #rollitupinaLcalledlonelinessđź’¨Picture gotten from-justsodone

You gather in their talks, you sing along their favorite songs. You throw stones behind those that do so behind them yet the connection between you and them is parallel.

Some people stand out even when they stand with a uniform crowd. People like that polish your soul without utterances, they feel everything you feel but are never in need of your reciprocation. Your identification never lie in your dotted circle and don’t always make but mar you. why? These dots can cross puzzles to your deepest secrets and reveal them slowly when they are marked off. The enemy to be afraid of is the one amongst these dots and not outside.

How do you then identify those that genuinely give/open/share/love and adore you unconditionally?

You never really do. The truth is, most times these geniuses are the left-overs to us. They appear more like crumbs than the real deal to us. Think?

Most times you geniunely feel liberated or somewhat appreciative of being you and most times it isn’t when you’re surrounded with your known dots but the unknown. These unknowns find it easy to give out what they give because it can’t be returned. Most times the sunshine they see is a crescent moon in broad day light. Most times they are the broken piece trying to fix themselves by giving out their own energy.

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2016.