Struggling out of a 2:2 this final year: my Biomedical Science tale


I barely bore you with events of my university life on here but I know once in a while I drop one or two major ones. Going back to 2015, my first year, I had blogged about my resits (What if? #17), how awful it felt to had seen my name amongst those resitting Genetics and Statistics. How sad and unlucky my summer was. What I didn’t include was calling my parents and letting them know about the situation. The disappointment in their tone as they spoke to me whilst trying to be good parents and not make me feel worse about the whole situation, the after effect of the whole conversation moved me. I guess my attitude towards everything relating to university and my course became more questionable as days, months and years went by.

Second year was heavy. As my course is a three-year course here in the UK, more pressure was mounted on me and more effort was equally demanded with the load that came with the 12 modules I had done last year. The hustle to secure a placement made it even worse but that wasn’t an excuse not to scale through. At the end of the year, I was awoken yet again by another resit which until today I have managed to  hide from my parents as I felt they would be bitter and really angry towards me if I had told them. Genetics again! At some point in time I joked about it to my friends, telling them how I’m “KINGING” in genetics resit zone. What felt terrible isn’t the fact that I had a resit, what made me break down most nights was the fact that 2:2 ends up being my portion even when I always seem to start off very well at the beginning of each semester. At some point, I just stopped asking why and accepted that university wasn’t for me. Thoughts of dropping out kicked in every now and then but the friends in my circle kept me grounded. They said my prayers with me, cried with me and most of all, they contributed to my healing and strength which led me into pursuing my final year.

It’s the 25th of February today, 22 weeks into final year and there is still no salvaging to my results so far. It hasn’t been stable and at the same time it hasn’t been the most brilliant. One half of my project and most of my course works released so far have been fluctuating with 2:1’s and 2:2’s. My first semester results came out and this time Genetics crossed the cut off point with only 7 marks and I’m most grateful to God for that miracle! the other paper sat comfortably on a 2:1 which to me is gracious. Hard-work and resilience have been with me since the school year started and to be honest with you,  it is a struggle trying to move up from a 2:2. I am 3 weeks into second semester  with 3 more course works, 4 more exams and my main project to finish. I am still with hope and so should you who is reading this thinking you’re sitting in the worst position or situation in life.

If everyone was equal, there wouldn’t be no school, no competition whatsoever and definitely no evolution but other people’s success shouldn’t stall us from ours or blind us from attaining  unmeasurable success instead it should push us.


I did tweet this last week but it doesn’t mean I can’t do better. In fact it is not an excuse! It is the reason why I’m pushing to move on from a 2:2, proving to myself that even if it’s not for me, it is definitely not impossible!

I hope you find a grip too and go on from there dear reader. Do leave your thoughts and comments in the box below. Thank you.

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Budapest, Hungary- Four days tour.

Full video coming soon…

…and after fiver years I gathered courage and made time which turned out to be the best since the year started to go visit my secondary school mates and simultaneously tour as well. I hope you enjoy this short clip. Full video coming soon 🙂
Leave your questions in the comment box below and I’ll be glad to respond to each and every one of them. For more on this trip, subscribe to my blog as well, as I’ll be leaving my experiences on here soon on this amazing trip!. Thank you.

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Self love: Selfish

There’s a state of self obsession that surpasses every kind of love, it’s called “Selfish”.

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As a teenager every thing you’re told is directed to your own best interests. “Patience is virtue”, “tell the truth always and it shall set you free”, “once beaten, twice shy”, “love your neighbour as you love your self”,”there’s love in sharing” and so on. What’s common in all these advices? You. If you don’t tell the truth, you won’t be set free, if you don’t have patience for something it would pass you by, likewise the rest. It all sums up to you being the best you can. At the end of the day, whether you loved or lost, you are the only one left to say exactly how the story went. In some way, this made me believe that being a teenager was more of building myself and growing up to teach others, when I’m certain I know better.

Self love is totally different from being selfish. Self love is a good way of being selfish. Growing up selfish has made it quite difficult for me to know when I’m passing the limit of self love into being selfish. You can love the way you are but when you let the way you are blind you from getting to know others or even considering their own features, that is when it becomes obsessive, selfish.

Everything was like a competition for me growing up, mostly in my education. I guess it’s the way I was made to perceive it. The way my parents always made it seem. I remember in high school, during our inter-house sports, I participated in high jump and came out as the second runner up. The first thing my dad said to me was “the person that emerged first, is he/she Stretch from fantastic four?”, I laughed but was so disappointed that I wasn’t congratulated. I guess it was all part of making me strong, but whether or not that was the case, I promised myself never to engage in any sport I knew I wouldn’t be the winner. Anyway, that was my promise as a teenager, I’ve outgrown that kind of thinking now.

As an adult, I’m still selfish even when I try not to. Sometimes, I go out of the way to be so vulnerable and I end up choking people with “me”. I guess, that’s why my circle is quite small and tight, as just a few can tolerate this kind of character. However, I admire selfless and humble people even when I know I’m not. These two attitudes hold me down all the time, people who have got them never repel me. Although, I’m still working on how to prevent my love for myself from hitting the selfish limit, I still get credit from people who just need someone to talk to them.

I believe I’m not perfect and my imperfections are simply me. I also believe that those who want to stay in my life would come and stay and those who come to teach, learn and leave  would do so. In the meantime, I’d embrace all of me and work towards being selfless and more humble.

Have you ever felt like you are being selfish or you obsessively love yourself? I want to know dear bloggers 🙂 Thank you.


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Appreciation #21

A simple uttering of “thank you” can go along way in changing a person’s mood.

Appreciation is a way of saying to someone that you are happy for the effort he/she made towards something done for you. It is a way of easing off someone’s pain of having done something for you. Appreciation is glory. People misread our intentions when we fail to appreciate them. They come off with things to say about you and unnecessary criticism. Appreciation also goes a long way to soften a harsh tone, it quiets the mind most times and paints a good image about you.

When we show gratitude towards people, they tend to do more. They feel they can do more and most times ignore how much effort you put in lending a helping hand. Unfortunately, appreciation is less valued nowadays. People use excuses to neglect a “thank you”. People only appreciate you when they feel that there is a need to do so. Gratitude is only shown to those that we receive from. It has to be mutual to be given. That is how we believe it should be,but we are wrong.

Set your self free by appreciating yourself and the people around you. The truth is that when you appreciate someone or something you see the beauty in he/she/it. You place value on people and things that you appreciate, not just once but often. You grasp humility without fear when you say a simple “thank you”.

This was what I learnt today. I appreciate you all once more for coming this far with me, your thoughts and words has kept me going.

It is the 21st day and I am wondering what you’ve been up to. Please leave your thoughts in the comment box below. Thank you.


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Today’s tale #12

blog priory gardenPriory Garden, Orpington.


…was on a movie I started yesterday immediately I woke up this morning. 11:00am, had already missed church service so I tried finishing the movie. In the middle of the movie I picked up my phone and began googling for Yorkshire terrier puppies on gumtree around my area. Don’t know why but I just recently got a thing for googling things on my bucket list, it’s becoming a behaviour.

I found a 4-weeks old pup and called the owner up for viewing on Wednesday. Told my house mates about the idea and they were totally fine with welcoming a new friend. I guess it was the pup from the movie (John Wick) that got me thinking about puppies and how better my life would be with them.

1:30pm, I started getting ready to travel to Orpington, London for a shoot with a really awesome photographer. He employed me recently at falicicom cleaning agency, where I got some experience for about a week and also got involved with people from different facets of life. I had few conversations with him during my work period and found out that he was a great photographer and also down to earth. We made arrangements for today with the rest of my mates and there I was in my room 2 hours late already, trying to figure out what to wear for my shoot.

After about 3 hours, we were set to go. A lot of delays from my mates, from booking the wrong bus tickets to making enquiries at the train station but that was the fun part of the whole day. We arrived London Victoria. Got a meal from Burger King and headed for Orpington using the overground railway.

Porsche, beautiful and clean is my description for Orpington. I felt refreshed sort of. My employer took us to one of the most beautiful parks around, priory park. We set our scenes  and took shots at different areas of the park. It all came out lovely and yea I had a wonderful experience just traveling there and learning a few things about the city.

On the train back to my city, blogging and wondering what I have achieved today. Not too much but I’ll call today an “okay” day. Pretty much a good day. Received more than I gave but I guess that’s how some days are set to be. I feel tired and exhausted already. Got an interview tomorrow and I wish it a big luck.

Hope you’re own day was fruitful? If not feel free to share whatever it is that you had going on. Thank you


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