Budapest, Hungary- Four days tour.

Full video coming soon…

…and after fiver years I gathered courage and made time which turned out to be the best since the year started to go visit my secondary school mates and simultaneously tour as well. I hope you enjoy this short clip. Full video coming soon 🙂
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Today’s tale #12

blog priory gardenPriory Garden, Orpington.


…was on a movie I started yesterday immediately I woke up this morning. 11:00am, had already missed church service so I tried finishing the movie. In the middle of the movie I picked up my phone and began googling for Yorkshire terrier puppies on gumtree around my area. Don’t know why but I just recently got a thing for googling things on my bucket list, it’s becoming a behaviour.

I found a 4-weeks old pup and called the owner up for viewing on Wednesday. Told my house mates about the idea and they were totally fine with welcoming a new friend. I guess it was the pup from the movie (John Wick) that got me thinking about puppies and how better my life would be with them.

1:30pm, I started getting ready to travel to Orpington, London for a shoot with a really awesome photographer. He employed me recently at falicicom cleaning agency, where I got some experience for about a week and also got involved with people from different facets of life. I had few conversations with him during my work period and found out that he was a great photographer and also down to earth. We made arrangements for today with the rest of my mates and there I was in my room 2 hours late already, trying to figure out what to wear for my shoot.

After about 3 hours, we were set to go. A lot of delays from my mates, from booking the wrong bus tickets to making enquiries at the train station but that was the fun part of the whole day. We arrived London Victoria. Got a meal from Burger King and headed for Orpington using the overground railway.

Porsche, beautiful and clean is my description for Orpington. I felt refreshed sort of. My employer took us to one of the most beautiful parks around, priory park. We set our scenes  and took shots at different areas of the park. It all came out lovely and yea I had a wonderful experience just traveling there and learning a few things about the city.

On the train back to my city, blogging and wondering what I have achieved today. Not too much but I’ll call today an “okay” day. Pretty much a good day. Received more than I gave but I guess that’s how some days are set to be. I feel tired and exhausted already. Got an interview tomorrow and I wish it a big luck.

Hope you’re own day was fruitful? If not feel free to share whatever it is that you had going on. Thank you


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