Happy women’s Day

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To be here, to join hands and to murmur what it’s like to feel this way. To feel like a woman that I didn’t choose to be but of the nature that chose me.

Here is to all the days and all the nights I stay with me, with womanhood thinking of how big of a smile I should give the next day even whilst groaning in pain. Here’s for now, where neglect and responsibility will cut through deep layers of my skin, yet I’ll stand and be silent of it all. I wish to celebrate everyday for the rest of my life women whose existence have hurt and broken them in ways that can’t be told or written, yet love is all they give.

To women of all colours and roles in life, you are a bold statue that can’t be washed away by lingering figures. You are waterproof and transparent amidst where you think you’ve been. You are still a rose to be admired by men that stand with you. You are deserving of all favours you’ve been turned down. You are all this because you are a woman.

The universe will make love to you in good timing, woman. we will all celebrate the joy and pride of being a woman with you because you are valuable and valid.

I hope you take care of yourself everyday for the rest of your days here. Happy WOMEN’S DAY!

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2016.


The missing notes in our tongues

..he made mention that he was the kind of man he thought every other woman needed.

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I hated surprises, especially romantic ones. The exact words to let out was my fear. Fear of you feeling less appreciated or screaming out the exact words you needed to hear boldly, which could make me seem like the joke.

It was just one city away, far East yet hearts so close that they almost beat on the same rhythm. We spoke sometimes in music, our foreign language, all night whilst our siblings slept. The night felt alive with us.

What are your fantasies like?. He.

Do you daydream of that type of love that those who crave to be seen have?

The type of love made in cinemas, away from cameras with eyes shooting every scene in 3D. He.

No. She

I daydream in motions, still images of well crafted energy. One that burns without a single touch. The mutual kind babe. She.


I thought I told you. I thought we both share the honesty of words we want to say and not the ones we want each other to hear. Oblivious of how much time we spent on living the lies we never figured out. The wrecking silence and those looks that cost us this thing we nearly had.

Have you ever been loved like me?

The kind of bad that tasted better, really sensational. The one unsure, the one people think that hurts.

29/04 /..   He

“I forgot to kiss you in your favourite place, your edge. I forgot to dance with you whilst we kissed under the rain. I forgot you. You don’t forget those you love, do you? You only miss them again and again in their absence. I thought I was the one for you, but I only realize, I’m the kind every other woman needs”



Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2016.







Girls’ Power

I am not a feminist. I still believe in men.

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The few that see and value superiority and control in men without insolence and downgrade to women, are the populace I belong to. I love to see men take charge, give, lead and follow too. Not despising feminism in any sort, I only believe that strong-willed, confident and smart women have a place after men.

Going back to the time women knew their place, there was less competition over power, fame or even men. Women were women. Then, a woman would let a foreigner or even a maid lay with and marry the husband for different reasons. Men grew strong and knew how to treat women without needing to read books or listen to stories  about them. They were bold and was only weakened by other men.

Yes! things are different now and yes we are in a new era but that doesn’t change the fact that men are men and women are women and that they are two opposite categories.

I admire the courage of feminists, their burning desire to gain rights, fight and measure up to the standards of men. Their unending quote of “what a man can do, a woman can do even better”. It’s far from doubts but when you become a man as a woman what do you make a man? Weak, lame, confused, chilled, less confident, listener than a doer , woman…

The society is always thirsty for stability so it creates turbulence that leaves us evolving before time. If only these women fight to measure up to the standards of their fellow women…If only they uplifted their fellow women and gave credits and compliments where needed… If only we craved the desire to shape ourselves, cloth our nakedness and let men own the jealousy…If only we knew that our power lies behind the strength of a man’s not on our tongues and looks..If only women want to be women, men wouldn’t be silent for this long.

I’m aware of the rights and I’m also aware that I’m a wo-man.

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.