Dear woman, dear man..


There are ruthless ways your own words may have been translated. There are places you sing songs of war and some you whisper courage. Twice you may have been beaten down by fear, ignorance and love with hopes to come to terms with ever flowing chills. You may have seen you without the others, those you lean so strongly on, those who made you want to read this in the first place. Perhaps, I’m wrong. Wrong about you being unhappy and in pain, constantly wanting more, or maybe you’re happy for the wrong reasons. This may not be for you, this may be for more.

For you.

Dear woman,

You can’t bear it all. It’s perfectly okay to take a step back and care for you. It’s alright that you feel for two, to feel more for others. It’s womanly to embrace your beauty and show off what you’re sensitive to. Your boldness is what men who lack courage detest, your aura is what keeps you grounded to your ego. When you are passionate, the others may not understand, when you seek, you find the roots, when you cry the earth bleeds, when you’re broken the world hears you too. You matter without validation, you’re a piece men cannot do without. You have the ability to create and recreate generations and this power makes you a god. You were born to nurture, give, give, give and give again. Bear this in mind when you belittle you. Hold this high up in your head when you walk into crowded rooms. Educate others when they say to you “you can’t”. Let it warm you always. Let it keep you with love.

For you.

Dear man,

 We hear you. We hear when you’re silent, as it’s as loud as your ego. Your strength and resilience is admirable. The corners you cut and the length you go to get what you deserve have bred feminists. You have the ability to break and mend even though you may choose the former in pressing situations. Your pride and consistency for the things you’re passionate about makes good women appreciate you and good men work diligently with you. However, you sail with your crew members only, often forgetting that passengers could know a thing or two about sailing. It’s totally okay to let your shield down. These walls you build against us breaks you more than it does to us. It’s okay to feel, to cry, to admit to not knowing. It’s fine to accept women that ask for equality, to feel intimidated by once in a while. It’s okay to ignore challenges and just feel. Live with and for the moment without chasing shadows. Breathe without asking for more air. Allow yourself to be drowned by and with love, allow yourself to understand what you constantly fight, allow yourself to hold on for long without the thoughts of letting go. You were born supreme. Society has made you in-charge, regardless, seek to open up a bit more.

Dear woman, dear man..

You need each other to grow, understand, love, feel, chase, reciprocate, challenge,bear and live. You need you most importantly. Begin with this.

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2017.



I leave you these.

Share your favourite thought-provoking and mind/soul healing quotes in the comment section. You can also leave links to good reads, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you.





Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2016.

Evidence: In My Own Skin

I don’t know what’s hidden behind your own pigment. As an individual, I can’t speak for your own representation, the way you want the world to see you, the way you choose to feel.

Picture gotten from-BlackandWhite

I use “I”.

I use it because as a person, you are allowed what you are, your opinions, thoughts, perception. Freedom. You.

What about “us”?

Collectively we’ve made generations, we’ve brought about various changes, we’ve stood against fear, we’ve beared war strokes, we’ve failed and conquered, we’ve told these stories over and over yet we’ve only been able to achieve these by mere differences in skin colour.

You still believe in different races?

How many parents have inculcated values, norms and discipline without speaking of other skin colours? How many of us have been promised a position or title without having a black, white or mixed skin option stall us? How many are guilty of the type of skin colour they allow in their space? How many still don’t believe in one race, the human race?

“I’m white, you’re not, I’m black, you’re not”

How long are we willing to go on for?

As a black woman, I believe in my roots and culture. I believe in the wars of my heroes’ past. I believe that those wars were won for my freedom today. I believe I’m seldom jugded by the profounding effect of my melanocytes, distrusted often and doubted when I’m most willing. I believe I have to be sorry even when I’m not, questioned for my rights in another man’s country. I believe I have to go hard if ever I want to rise above standards. I believe I’m unique, so are you, no matter what your skin colour is.

In this age, more people are being educated on oneness, more are taught on accepting every other distinct colour from theirs yet, in this age the skin colour black still bleeds. It is still perceived as unaccepted in most parts of the world, demeaning individuals who bear them.

How more can I be Human?

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2016.


“Do you want to build a snow man?” “Yes! I’d love to build a snow man”…continues.

image1 (1)
Taken by Monica..jUST outside our window 🙂
I woke my house mates up this morning with my croaky dying voice, ranting this song aloud. I really I’m so hyped and excited about it snowing this morning. I mean, who blogs about this? hahaha. I don’t get to see this where I come from, Nigeria, so to me it feels so amazing seeing it. Only in deep freezers probably haha but trust me this is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen this week, this year to be honest.

It isn’t the first time I’m seeing snow here in the UK  but definitely the first time here in Brighton. It was flaky last year and I never expected it to snow this year considering the persistent rain that we’ve had the past few months. Today is so beautiful, so is how I’m feeling at the moment.

Didn’t sleep the whole morning as I was studying for the exam I have tomorrow. It’s 08:56am now and I’m bidding you all goodnight lol. Wish me luck for tomorrow’s exam :). Just thought I share my excitement with you. Not every one loves it snowing as they see it as a mess, I’d say bring the mess on!! 🙂 lol. HappySunday!

How’s the weather in your own corner dear blogger??


Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2016.


Girls’ Power

I am not a feminist. I still believe in men.

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The few that see and value superiority and control in men without insolence and downgrade to women, are the populace I belong to. I love to see men take charge, give, lead and follow too. Not despising feminism in any sort, I only believe that strong-willed, confident and smart women have a place after men.

Going back to the time women knew their place, there was less competition over power, fame or even men. Women were women. Then, a woman would let a foreigner or even a maid lay with and marry the husband for different reasons. Men grew strong and knew how to treat women without needing to read books or listen to stories  about them. They were bold and was only weakened by other men.

Yes! things are different now and yes we are in a new era but that doesn’t change the fact that men are men and women are women and that they are two opposite categories.

I admire the courage of feminists, their burning desire to gain rights, fight and measure up to the standards of men. Their unending quote of “what a man can do, a woman can do even better”. It’s far from doubts but when you become a man as a woman what do you make a man? Weak, lame, confused, chilled, less confident, listener than a doer , woman…

The society is always thirsty for stability so it creates turbulence that leaves us evolving before time. If only these women fight to measure up to the standards of their fellow women…If only they uplifted their fellow women and gave credits and compliments where needed… If only we craved the desire to shape ourselves, cloth our nakedness and let men own the jealousy…If only we knew that our power lies behind the strength of a man’s not on our tongues and looks..If only women want to be women, men wouldn’t be silent for this long.

I’m aware of the rights and I’m also aware that I’m a wo-man.

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2015.